Residential Division Manager

McFarlin Stanford

Residential Division Manager

Kansas City, KS
  • Responsibilities



    • Management of design process, production, internal and external communication between internal execution and client relations
    • Oversee and monitor purchasing activities of materials, leased equipment and supplies.
    • Lead smart meetings to review progress and to discuss potential changes to projects.
    • Develop and work within approved budgets.
    • Attend all necessary field staff meetings for reviews, training and scheduling; communicate with all staff members to provide reporting of job progress and to provide general field procedural direction.
    • Work with Production Management to coordinate training of crew members on technical skills and general field operational procedures.
    • Monitor crew performance, conduct periodic crew performance evaluations and document all personnel actions.
    • Visit jobsites on an ongoing basis to monitor quality of work. Give constant feedback and corrective direction.
    • Oversee and drive sales efforts within the builder/developer market and residential homeowners
    • Review completed work orders, reports, and correspondence.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture preferred.
    • 5-7 years of landscape design / build experience, preferably with residential clients.
    • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
    • Proven record in sales and preferably some experience in a senior sales or sales management capacity.
    • Ability to lead and inspire teams to produce targeted goals.
    • Experience in various operating systems; Windows preferred.