Meet Clorox Research & Development-Talk with Process and Product Ph.D. Scientists

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The Clorox Company

Meet Clorox Research & Development-Talk with Process and Product Ph.D. Scientists

  • What

    Join Clorox for their virtual information session to learn all about their Research & Development (R&D) Organization exclusively for Ph.D students.

    The Clorox R&D organization is at the heart of their company, taking new generations of consumer products from concept to reality. R&D is involved in every step of the lifecycle of their products. From concept to materials to goods on shelves, they leverage the latest technology to bring innovative, high-quality products to consumers.

    This session will feature a brief overview of opportunities within the R&D team. The session will then be divided into smaller-group ‘breakout sessions’ where you’ll be able to connect more individually with the team at Clorox to hear their experiences and get your questions answered.

    If you’re a Ph.D student interested in a career in research & development, be sure to RSVP to connect & learn more from the Clorox team.

  • Where

    This live event is entirely virtual. Once we review your RSVP, you will be emailed a link to the virtual event at least 24 hours in advance.

  • When

    October 13th, 2022 at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

  • Industry
    Consumer Goods
  • About Us

    Clorox builds brands that make everyday life better, every day. We value our differences, and challenge each other to think and act boldly. We try new things, succeed, fail and keep learning. We work hard, have busy personal lives and are all able to make a positive impact -- at Clorox, in our communities and in the lives of millions of people who invite us into their homes and workplaces. Make your mark and help us drive growth that is profitable, sustainable and responsible.