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Core Field Instructor Position (Piedmont)

Muddy Sneakers

Core Field Instructor Position (Piedmont)

Salisbury, NC
Full Time
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    Join the Muddy Sneakers team! We are searching for an experienced educator to fill a 10 ½ month seasonal salaried position. This position develops meaningful relationships with teachers while managing expedition logistics and delivering science content in the outdoor classroom. This role contains a great blend of science instruction in the field along with light administrative duties. The Core Field Instructor position is a great role to fill if you are looking forward to taking on more responsibility within the field of outdoor education. There are 5-day/week and 4-day/week contracts available.


    SUMMARY: Core Instructors serve a critical role as the point persons between the Muddy Sneakers organization and partner schools. Each Core Instructor will be asked to manage a minimum of 4 schools. In managing each school, Core Instructors will carry out traditional Lead responsibilities (ref. lead instructor responsibilities) as well as developing a deeper relationship/partnership within each school's culture and community.

    Successful Core Instructors will create lasting partnerships that will result in limited school attrition, heightened enthusiasm for the MS program within the school and the district. The position of Core Field Instructor for Muddy Sneakers (MS) is an invite-only employment opportunity to serve as a lead instructor in MS' PNC region. A Core Field Instructor is a 41-week, seasonal commitment of either four (4) or five (5) days of work per week. Core Field Instructors are expected to serve as the examples for all field staff in providing the highest quality, professional program delivery possible while prioritizing MS above all other personal and professional commitments during the program season. Core Instructors will be well-versed in delivering the curriculum in an outdoor setting and to a diverse population of students, sometimes under tight time windows. Further, the Core Instructors will exhibit a command of the material, apply professional experience, and maintain accountability for successful program delivery including sound leadership, risk management and constant respect for adult and student participants through modeling positive behavior and best practices when dealing with student management.

    Core Field Instructors will report directly to the PNC Program Director.


    • Effectively communicate in both verbal and written communications
    • Listen to and comprehend oral communication
    • Read written documentation both on paper and on screen
    • Be comfortable and work effectively in an outdoor or natural setting
    • Work with and have the patience for children for up to eight (8) hours a day
    • Hike up to three (3) miles each day on terrain of varying difficulty
    • Lift and carry up to fifty (50) pounds
    • Comfortable making difficult decisions in stressful situations with full knowledge of organizational policy and procedure
    • Recognize and respond positively to social cues of children and adults
    • Utilize discretion when faced with sensitive issues that could impact individual parties involved in/with MS or the organization as a whole
    • Work in a team, perform interactive behaviors and respect a chain of command

    EXPERIENCE AND ATTRIBUTES: Ideal candidates will be fully committed to MS' mission and possess relevant experience and key personal attributes including:

    • At least 3-5 years of experience in education, including significant experience in experiential education and teaching

    • Strong leadership and mentorship capabilities

    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    • Basic knowledge of the local natural history of the region

    • Basic map/outdoor navigation skills

    • Positive work ethic and attitude



    • Provide high-quality student and nature-centered instruction and facilitation to 5th grade students

    • Model exemplary field safety practices

    • Arrive at the field site on time, in a professional manner, with needed materials, and in uniform

    • Responsible for delivery of the MS curriculum during each expedition while maintaining good time management

    • When aligned with Muddy Sneakers goals and objectives, be responsive to the instructional needs of the partnering school

    • Maintain appropriate behavior and group management in an outdoor classroom

    • Provide support to the teaching team by implementing Curriculum Connection training sessions

    • Assist school teaching team at the end of the year with MS EOG reviews

    • Become a consistent presence at the schools by coordinating with the school to be present for the following (but not limited to) events:

    • School Orientation

    • Back to school event

    • Parent Nights at the beginning of the school year

    • Science Nights/STEM events

    • Assist during Science Fairs

    • Community events and festivals located in lead school's community/region

    • Provide Orientation to rising 5th graders at end of the year to encourage excitement for the 5th grade MS expeditions

    • Core Instructors will be expected to lead and/or participate in some (but not all) Satellite Programming.

    • Satellite School Engagement responsibilities will be limited appropriately

    • Available to travel across office regions to assist in other areas of programming when needed and with advance notice

    • Assist APD, when needed, to maintain and organize the field vehicle

    • Maintain assigned instructor kits keeping materials in good shape and organized

    • Coordinate with the Assistant Program Director when resupply items are needed

    • Responsible for all teacher communication with assigned lead schools once the Program Director has introduced both parties and verifying school's schedule.

    • Communicate with Lead Teacher to set orientation and teacher meeting dates at the beginning of the year.

    • Communicate with teaching team via email before the expedition on carpooling and vehicle logistics

    • Core Instructors should expect to perform periodic administrative duties as needed with increased responsibility during slower months (typically December and January)

    • Core Instructor administrative duties will be most closely aligned with school and community engagement and retention when possible as dictated by the Program Director and/or their assignees to include other administrative staff

    • Function effectively in an administrative environment to include exhibiting timeliness, meeting deadlines, and working collaboratively with administrative staff

    • Responsible for submitting pay and mileage logs on time each month

    • Complete mid and end-of-season personal evaluation forms

    • Submit lead instructor reports following each expedition

    • Provide written feedback for mentorship assignments

    • Provide feedback to Assistant Program Director on the students' field experience

    • Assist in office as needed an average of one day a week

    • Responsible for attending all trainings with periodic leadership responsibilities assigned on those training days

    • Expected Training to include:

    • Week-long pre-season and mid-season training

    • Monthly meetings/trainings

    • Obtain/Maintain Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR certification at a minimum

    • The expectation to enroll and complete (if not already) the NC Environmental Education Certification program with additional support provided by MS administrative staff

    • Will be assigned to a new instructor as their mentor for the year

    EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a related field, preferably with 3-5 years of prior school/professional experience in the field of formal education and/or a related outdoor education field.

    TERM OF POSITION: The Core Field Instructor positions are seasonal positions with a weekly commitment of either 4 or 5 days per week with prescriptive paid vacation allotment provided during the slower times of the school year. Core Instructors, working 5 days per week, will be expected to work a 35-40-hour work week with 4 days teaching in the field and 1 day in the office with some expectation of night and weekend work. Core Instructors, working 4 days per week, will be expected to work a 28-32-hour work week with teaching in the field 3 days and 1 day in the office with some expectation of night and weekend work.

    The season begins in late August and concludes early June, totaling a 41-week commitment. Paid vacation is provided for as follows:

    • The following 5 office holidays (assuming corresponding school closures): Labor Day, Thanksgiving (x2), President's Day, Memorial Day)
    • 3 consecutive weeks (10-15 days) paid over the Christmas/New Year holiday (4 days per week Core Instructors will receive two weeks of paid vacation compared to the 5 days per week instructors that will receive 3 weeks of paid vacation – compensation will be spread across 40-week term of employment)
    • 1 week (5 days) at spring break (April)
    • 5 days of paid sick leave for the 5-day position and 4 days of paid sick leave for the 4-day position

    COMPENSATION: Core Field Instructors are offered a seasonal base salary with compensation based on tenure with the organization. The following is the 2019-20 pay scale for the role of Core Field Instructor:

    5 Days Per Week (Additional $1,000 bonus possible):

    • Years 0-3: $21,000 base salary + $2,100 benefit stipend = $23,100
    • Years 4-6: $22,500 base salary + $2,250 benefit stipend = $24,750
    • Years 7+: $24,000 base salary + $2,400 benefit stipend = $26,400

    4 Days Per Week (Additional $1,000 bonus possible):

    • Years 0-3: $17,750 base salary
    • Years4-6: $19,000 base salary
    • Years 7+: $20,400 base salary

    BENEFITS: In addition to the above base salary, the following benefits will apply:

    • Five-day per week Core Field Instructors will be offered a 10% benefit stipend.
    • All Core Field Instructors will be offered an additional $1,000 successful completion bonus for fulfilling the entirety of the 41-week commitment at a satisfactory level of performance as determined by their supervising Program Director.

    Muddy Sneakers is a 501(c)3 non­profit, environmental education organization based in Brevard, North Carolina.


    P.O. Box 2151
Salisbury, NC 28144