Violin/Piano/Guitar Music Teacher

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Violin/Piano/Guitar Music Teacher

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Part Time
  • Responsibilities

    Music Kids is looking for enthusiastic educators to join our team for the 2024-2025 school year to teach beginning level violin, piano, and guitar. Music Kids is an instrumental education program offering small group classes (usually between 2-4 students each) and some individual lessons on-site at our local partner schools.

    We are looking for enthusiastic and open-minded educators interested in teaching very young students, ages 3 and up. We're hiring 1) music teachers who want to expand their horizons, and 2) classroom teachers who want to pivot their careers back into music. Ability to teach violin and guitar/piano is strongly preferred but not required to apply. We have a particular need for violin teachers, but are accepting applicants for piano and guitar. Curriculum resources and assistance are available to learn the basics for beginner level teaching of all three instruments!

    The Organization:

    Music Kids exists to enrich and improve student development by bringing musical instrument education programs into the local school environment.

    To date, Music Kids has taught thousands of students at over 90 active partner schools throughout DC, MD, VA, IL, MO, MA, NY, CT, CA, PA, and WA. The organization is hiring qualified individuals to work as Music Kids Faculty Members on-site at its local partner schools.

    Job Requirements:

    The Position:

    Faculty Member teaching small group classes in one or more of our area partner schools, including paid time outside of classes to manage student records, provide meaningful learning updates to parents, and to support students virtually.

    Ability to commit through one academic year at a time. Teaching faculty positions are typically 10 months (mid Aug - mid June)

    Opportunities to extend employment for the additional 2 summer months

    Must have scheduling availability on several weekdays during after school hours (2pm-6pm), plus additional availability for office hours during one or more weekdays.

    Annual salary ranges for full-time (30 hr/week) 10 month positions from Year 1 to Year 5: $34,320 - $51,480. The Salary Information listed in the posting is the monthly full time salary in line with this range.

    40 hrs/week may be available if required by employee, contingent on schedule availability.

    Additional benefits available for employees working 20+ hours include PTO, holidays, and medical. Above average commute time bonuses available for all employees.

    Applicants must reside in and be legally qualified to work in the United States, and must submit to customary background checks

    What's Involved:

    Positions involve a combination of teaching and program management within the local partner school(s) in which the Faculty Member is placed. Responsibilities include:

    In-school: teaching and student performances

    Out-of-School: parent communication, lesson planning, scheduling, progress reporting, supplementary virtual learning

    Promoting the program and driving enrollment at partner school events throughout the year, particularly during registration in Aug/Sept

    Participating in professional development opportunities through collaboration with senior resident Faculty Members and staff

    The Ideal Candidate:

    Has at least 1-2 years of teaching experience, either in music classes OR a traditional classroom setting, through a university program, privately, or with an organization

    Is able or willing to teach more than one instrument at a beginning level, or ideally all three (curricular resources and assistance for your non-primary instruments are available!)

    Has a strong interest in working with a wide range of student age groups, especially beginning level students (including 3-5 y/o)

    Is passionate about having a direct impact on the primary education system in this country

    Is comfortable teaching students in small groups of 3-4 students

    Has the ability to be flexible and creative in teaching style with an open mind, so they can take parents and students “where they're at” in terms of interest and commitment

    Takes initiative and is confident working independently to represent the organization as an employee at our partner schools

    Has experience with leadership or project management

    Is able to work closely with an office staff in administrative and professional development functions

    Is reliable, organized, timely, and possesses friendly verbal and written communication skills

    Is comfortable working daily in email, internal instant messaging, company databases, digital timekeeping, and other online resources to manage activities

    Owns a car to commute to/from our partner schools (optional in some cases, but strongly preferred)

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