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Janitor Gym Keeper

NFW Fitness

Janitor Gym Keeper

South Lake Tahoe, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    Gym – Keeper (Janitorial)

    Position Title: Janitorial and Gym-Keeping

    Our Core Values:

    1. Personnel – It’s all about Personnel! Without our personnel we would not be able to achieve exceptional things.

    2. Development– We are committed to the growth, & development of our personnel, both personally & professionally. We want you to be the absolute best version of yourself. We develop people first, then develop employees.

    3. Competitiveness– Always Compete! We want people driven to compete not only amongst others, but against themselves. Do you have the GRIT to push yourself harder than you ever have before? Compete to be better today than yesterday.

    4. Execution– We are measured on our results, not our efforts. Trying, positive intentions, and working hard are all intangibles that are necessary for achieving results, but the scoreboard is what matters. Perfect execution of all our strategies is the expectation & standard within our culture.

    5. Culture – Constantly striving to be “Perpetually Triumphant,” competitive, developmental, stepping in the face of any challenges, always taking care of each other, showing up, working hard, listening, facing our fears, and embracing adversity as an opportunity to become better, and having FUN while doing it, describes our culture

    Be “Perpetually Triumphant”

    John LaRosa II, Owner/Operator

    The care of our Fitness facilities is of the utmost importance to our members, staff and community.

    Job Description: Gym-Keeping Team Members are responsible for the care and maintenance of the club. Team Members are responsible for club over-all cleanliness, sanitation, and health code standards; as set forth by OSHA and NFW-fitness. Team members are expected to be reliable and demonstrate a high level of detail-oriented work.


    ✓ High School Diploma or GED

    ✓ Service experience

    ✓ Maintenance or Janitorial experience As well as, current CPR

    Areas Responsibility: Areas of the club the Janitorial Crew are responsible for the maintenance of (but are not limited to):

    ● Lockeroom cleanliness and sanitation - showers, toilets, vanity, floors, walls and partitions.

    ● Tanning bed cleanliness

    ● Equipment cleanliness

    ● Cardio machines

    ● Floors, railings, stairs, walls - overall cleanliness

    ● GX classroom

    ● Functional training area

    ● Lobby

    ● Office areas

    ● High dusting

    ● Floors/walls/etc.

    Additional Skills Required:

    ● As a team member you must be dependable, as you are a significant contributor to our clubs.

    ● Detail oriented

    ● Excellent communication/interpersonal skills

    ● Time management (setting daily priorities)

    ● High level of energy and motivated to get things done

    ● Scheduling flexibility - Hours will vary from overnight to day shifts.