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Front Desk Lead

NFW Fitness

Front Desk Lead

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South Lake Tahoe, CA
Springfield, OR
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    Job Description Front Desk Leads

    Position Title: Front Desk Leads

    Reporting To: Operations Manager, General Manager, District Manager

    Our Core Values:

    Personnel – People are our business, without our Team we would not be able to accomplish our goals.

    Development – We are committed to the growth, and development of our Team, both at work and at home, we want you to be the absolute best version of yourself.

    Competitiveness – We want to WIN! We want people driven to compete not only amongst others, but against themselves; it is having the GRIT to push yourself harder than you ever have before.

    Execution – Setting a goal and exceeding it. Having a plan to achieve our goals, and through strategic planning, being able to make an adjustment when we are faced with unexpected challenges and finding a way to come out on top.

    Our Culture – Constantly striving to be “Perpetually Triumphant,” always up for the challenge, because we are ready to take everything head on. Listening to our Coaches, trying new things, taking the feedback given and making something positive happen.

    We Can….. We Will….. Be….. “Perpetually Triumphant!”

    John LaRosa II Owner Operator

    Job Description:

    Front Desk Leads report directly to the Operations Manager/General Manager/District Manager, depending on club logistics. First and foremost, Operation Manager’s will ensure all members receive the highest quality Service and overall Experience in the Fitness Industry. Front Desk Leads need to demonstrate a competitive mindset through achievement of financial targets for the club as outlined in the annual budget and monthly scorecard. Accomplishing the previously mentioned items will be driven by the FDL’s through leadership, training and the development of all front desk team members. Thus, driven to focus on our members needs and goals. The FDL’s will demonstrate an aptitude to follow and command all company-wide policies and initiatives to ensure the integrity of the Crunch Fitness brand.


    High School diploma

    4-year Degree Preferred

    One year’s worth of management experience required, managing 10 team members

    Passionate about the Fitness Industry, if not Fitness Industry Experience

    Current CPR

    Skills needed for success:

    Ability to compete in an ever-changing environment with the ability to adapt and grow.

    Coach-ability. Enjoys developing their team and their own leadership skills through on-going training and feedback.

    Excellent written and verbal communication.

    Ability to inspire and motivate team.

    Strong organizational/administrative skills.

    Ability to multi-task and be engaged.

    Team Member focused, Customer Driven



    Demonstrate a working knowledge of all standard operating procedures and policies that pertain to the club.

    Communicate and implement club policies and procedures to front desk staff.

    Encourage staff to work as a team and be productive.

    Illustrate an ability to make decisions and execute them.

    Recruit, hire and train all front desk staff on all Crunch Fitness directives and protocol.

    Sales/Revenue Management

    Achieve sales goals in retail, supplements and Point of Sale Personal Training.

    Achieve business goals through constructive feedback and positive reinforcement.

    Execute all promotions to help generate new sales leads for optimum membership growth.

    Ensure the Sales and PT teams have proper tracking forms including any personal stats, payroll or other important information needed to be reviewed.

    Ensure all promotions are effectively communicated to the team and members.

    Ensure there is ongoing prospecting and lead generation of new prospective members.

    Ensure that the staff is knowledgeable about the clubs’ programs, facilities and equipment.

    Ensure pricing requirements and guidelines are adhered to all times.

    Personal Training/Revenue Management

    Ability to work with the Personal Training department to increase revenue

    Implement and support company programs/promotions to generate PT client acquisition for member base penetration.

    Integrate personal training services into membership presentations to maximize the number of orientation sessions scheduled and personal training services sold.

    Effective communication with the personal training staff to ensure all staff is aware and follows all promotions, policies and procedures.


    Support employee related problems by following club procedures and documentation.

    Perform 30-60 day reviews, six-month performance reviews and annual reviews of all FD employees.

    Resolve member complaints in an expeditious and tactful manner while following club procedure and documentation.

    Promote a professional and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the quality of service and care offered to the members and staff.

    Ensure the club meets standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, and security.

    Daily zone cleaning checklist is completed.

    Maintenance and Janitorial logs are used, completed and followed up on.

    Ensure visible maintenance items are repaired promptly, proper signage is posted, equipment is tagged out and of service equipment removed from the floor if possible.

    Inventory management and system is in place and upheld.

    Track completion of opening/closing checklists, stage management, repair & maintenance log, locker log and cleaning checklist.

    Build and maintain a consistent schedule to cover all FD shifts.

    Assist in the processing and submission of payroll as well as its accuracy.

    Control expenses and the purchasing of club supplies and cost of retail goods.

    Display an ability to keep expenses at or below budget.


    Serve as a role model for employees.

    Exhibits servant leadership qualities.

    Communicates effectively by using regular team meetings and individual meetings

    Conduct all FD training following on-boarding protocol.

    Provide an inspirational environment that welcomes honest feed-back from employees and takes action to ensure a quality, working environment.

    Spends necessary time developing, coaching and encouraging employees to always improve.

    Measurement Standards

    Successful management of all financial budgetary goals.

    Ensure club cleanliness meets the standards and expectations set forth.

    Demonstrate professionalism by leading by example.

    Membership retention.

    Timely completion of assigned tasks and projects.

    Follow all policies and procedures.

    By signing the below, I am stating I understand the above job description and what is required of me to fulfill my duties as a Front Desk Lead (FDL). The Company, also reserves the right to modify this job description at any time, as long as, prior written notice has been provided to the employee. As a leader of NFW Fitness, Ifit, Village Sport, and Crunch Fitness, you may also be required to take on tasks outside of this job description.

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