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NTG Groups, LLC


Springfield, IL
Full Time
  • Responsibilities


    The dosimetrist is employed by the hospital and reports dually to the Physicist (for technical performance) and to the Radiation Center Administrative Director (for non-technical performance). The dosimetrist is responsible for generating radiation dose distributions and calculations in order to provide radiation treament plans in accordance with radiation oncologists' perscriptions. Assists in brachytherapy procedures and directs patient dosimetry. Embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values.



    • Graduate of an approved American Medical Association program in medical dosimetry perferred or 2 years job experience required.


    • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Radiation Therapy Certification/Registration (ARRT/RT(T)) required.

    • Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) licensure preferred. Licensure required to handle radioactive sources.

    • Certification by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board® is required.


    • Two years experience in radiation therapy and two years of experience in radiation therapy dosimetry is required.

    Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

    • Knowlegde of Eclipse treatment planning, Nucletron HDR, IMSure calc program and X-Knife SRS is preferred but not mandatory.


    1. Creates and develops isodose distributions for external beam treatment in collaboration with physicians.

    2. Prepares treatment time calculations.

    3. Prepares point dose and off-axis calculations.

    4. Prepares brachytherapy isodose distributions and calculations.

    5. Embodies the companies Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values:

    • SAFETY: Prevent Harm - I put safety first in everything I do. I take action to ensure the safety of others.

    • COURTESY: Serve Others - I treat others with dignity and respect. I project a professional image and positive attitude.

    • QUALITY: Improve Outcomes - I continually advance my knowledge, skills and performance. I work with others to achieve superior results.

    • EFFICIENCY: Reduce Waste - I use time and resources wisely. I prevent defects and delays.

    1. Prepares high dose rate treatment planning.

    2. Demonstrates ability and licensure to handle and load radioactive sources.

    3. Assists in determining positioning of patients for CT and aids in scanning for simulation

    4. Prepares dose verification (TLG, diode, etc).

    5. Assists in the construction of bolus, molds, cases and bite blocks as needed.

    6. Performs, aids, or directs the fabrication of specialized beam blocks as needed.

    7. Assists, directs, or performs the collection of patient data including contours, tumor, and critical structure volumes.

    8. Assists, directs, or performs simulations as needed.

    9. Collaborates with physicians, physicists, and therapists to develop work processes that reduce error and maximize patient safety.

    10. Performs weekly chart checks as needed.

    11. Assists in the tabulation of beam data.

    12. Other duties as assigned.