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Afterschool Childcare, 10-20hrs/week


Afterschool Childcare, 10-20hrs/week

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    Looking for after-school childcare for a 9yo and 12yo. The folks who enjoy working with our family and thrive tend to be folks in the behavioral or educational fields and need some income while going through their program. Both boys are super smart, creative, and devious eveeel geniuses. They are also lovely and sweet but complex at times. They are diagnosed autistic (but in the old days they'd probably be diagnosed with Aspergers), one is also ADD, and if you are interested dipping your toe into ABA with their behavioral team or social skills group (or talking for hours about math or maps), working with ADD (ie, high energy and up for many adventures to the park or badminton or games or arts and crafts), sitting in their psychotherapy sessions (if they invite you in--and they will--if they connect with you and want to share their world with you), learning through observations, and working with an employer (me, mom) who is more focused on learning styles and emotional awareness and building up cognitive and emotional empathy and flexible and varied experiences than their academics, per se, then please do contact me. I'm a single mom and I work at home, so I will be available for emergencies or quick questions or downloads. I'm a health and wellness coach so I have 1-1 sessions with clients and it is nigh impossible for me to work without childcare. I need you and value you and appreciate you!!! They need an engaged adult in their life who can fix afterschool snacks, engage with them, take them to and from appointments, and pop off on outings as the 3 of you see fit. (Outtings more likely in summer). A little about us: we're kind of hippy dippy. We have a food forest in the front yard, a cat, 12 chickens (all the eggs you can want), a piano and various instruments, a pottery wheel, and the house is always in a state of comfortable mess, but not hazardous to your health. It's more important to make messes experimenting in the kitchen or doing arts and crafts than it is to have a meticulously neat and quiet home. However, expectations are clear, there are rules and systems that are applied across the board, and a pretty set schedule that everyone can depend on. I hope that gives you a feel of what this family environment is like. Current rate is $26/hr, but willing to negotiate higher based on experience and training. The ideal schedule is Wed-Fri 2pm-5pm, Sat 9am-5pm weekly, with one Sat off/one Tuesday 12pm-5pm per month. Ideally you're looking for a longer-term 6 to 12 month position. However if this schedule isn't quite workable and you need to be flexible to work around classes, etc, there is wiggle room. You will need a driver's license. You can drive my car and I will add you to my car's insurance or I can add your car to my insurance. Whichever works best for you. Commuting (gas and time) as well as any bridge tolls will be covered, pegged to whatever the heck the gas prices are that week. Weekly payment, preferably through Zelle or PayPal. Our folks in the past have declared their income on a Schedule C, but we can do a 1040 or paychex system too if you need it.

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