Kernel Engineer


Kernel Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    About the Kernel Engineer position

    We are looking for a Kernel Engineer who will join our Kernel team and help us work on everything from file systems to networking stacks to hardware device drivers. This is not a role where you hack on kernel modules or apply relevant patches. This is a full on immersive kernel engineering role. One day you might implement a thread safe queue while another day you might be tasked with implementing a RTC driver. Computer science fundamentals thus become highly important. We take cues from from the Tanenbaum school of thought.

    Kernel Engineer responsibilities are:

    • Work on schedulers

    • Work on hypervisors.

    • Knowledge Implement storage/network drivers.

    • Knowledge of file systems, memory management.

    • Reverse black box drivers.

    Kernel Engineer requirements are:

    • 6+ years' experience of working in software engineering

    • Significant experience at the kernel layer.

    • Excellent knowledge of OS coding techniques, IP protocols, interfaces and hardware subsystems

    • Good working programming experience in C and assembly including debugging skills.

    • Working knowledge of kernel land development

    • Understanding of hypervisors (pref. for kvm).

    • Understanding of 64-bit x86 architecture.

    • Strong documentation and writing skills

    • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering

    This is for a FULL-TIME ONSITE position.