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America's Next Top Intern: A National Intern Day Webinar

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America's Next Top Intern: A National Intern Day Webinar

One Time
  • What

    During this session kicking off National Intern Day, incoming interns (and future interns) will learn everything they need to prepare for succeeding in their next internship. Employees from EY, Lumen, and Boeing will share essential information on making the most of the internship experience, as well as tips for building meaningful relationships and general professionalism.

    The event will cover a variety of topics such as:

    • How to best prep before your internship
    • Best practices during your internship including but not limited to: professionalism, effective communication, how to work with your manager and peers
    • How to ensure you’re capitalizing on learning and development opportunities
    • How to network in a way that builds meaningful relationships
    • How to turn your internship into a full-time opportunity
    • How to update your resume and use experience in interviews following your internship

    Who: Interns, future interns and all college students

    What: Hear from EY, Boeing, and Lumen about what it takes to thrive as an intern

    Participants will get the chance to ask questions live about how to crush it at their next internship and what it takes to leave an impression early on. You will leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive as an intern, and the confidence and tools needed to succeed and grow before, during and after a successful internship.

    This event is ideal for anyone looking to gain valuable experience to get a head start on their career path. Whether you are just starting out or looking to build on your existing skills, this is a must-attend for anyone who wants to succeed in the world of internships.

  • Where

    Completely Virtual

  • When

    May 23rd 12PM - 1:30PM ET

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