General Utility - Production - 2nd shift Crispito

OSI Group

General Utility - Production - 2nd shift Crispito

Chicago, IL
  • Responsibilities

    JOB SUMMARY: Produces sausage product by operating, adjusting, and monitoring production equipment.


    • Contribute to production operations by complying with policies and procedures for meat processing; Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations, etc.
    • Contribute to a safe and sanitary work environment by complying with establishment procedures and rules.
    • Prepare and assemble meat-processing equipment for operation. Disassemble and prepare meat-processing equipment for sanitation washing
    • Obtain and prepare raw meat and spice for use in production process, operating powered industrial trucks.
    • Monitor defect elimination process by following set procedures and operating remote equipment
    • Fill V-Mag buggies with fresh-ground sausage product and move them to the Formax machines.
    • Obtain and wash meat processing equipment parts.
    • Remove and dispose of meat and grease excess from meat processing equipment.
    • Obtain and process meat rework by operating remote meat grinding equipment.
    • Dispense and apply dry ice (carbon dioxide) to meat rework for preservation of the products.
    • Monitor production process of fully-cooked products.
    • Produce, cut and pack sausage link products.
    • Attend to current needs of the process by responding immediately to the expressed orders of the Production Supervisor and/or Production Foreman.
    • Responsible for the quality of work performed and for identifying and documenting quality problems for corrective action and prevention of non-conforming product.

    NOTE: Regulations may prohibit an employee from performing some of these duties consecutively without a change of clothes and sanitized gloves.

    Required Skills

    • The job candidate must be dependable, detail-oriented, able to follow directions, able to work under minimal supervision
    • Operation of powered industrial trucks requires certification training.
    • The candidate must be willing to work weekends and overtime hours.
    • ,Must be able to lift a minimum of 75lbs.

    Required Experience