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VP Marketing


VP Marketing

Culver City, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    “In computer animation, every detail has to be thought out, designed, modeled, shaded, placed and lit. The more you add, the more computer memory you need." – Pixar

    "Okay, here we go. I am speed. One winner, forty-two losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am LIGHTNING." – Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars)

    Ever wonder how Tuner or HBO can produce, shoot, edit, and post an entire series – delivering all episodes simultaneously – so that you can catch up on EVERY episode of your favorite shows over that 3-day holiday weekend? How does a complicated feature film – like a big budget action adventure movie shot in state-of-the-art high-resolution over 4 continents, or your second grader's favorite animated movie 4 years in the making – still find its way to open just in time for Christmas day? Movie magic . . . or technology disguised in a cape and wand?

    OpenDrives is helping the business of entertainment become more effective – faster, less expensive, more collaborative, and more flexible. Most of the who's who in Media and Entertainment (WarnerMedia, NBC, Marvel, HBO, ABC, CBS, Fox, Paramount, NBC, Legendary, DirecTV, Universal, Deluxe, Viacom, HBO, YouTube, and Disney to name a few) are already using our products to create content at record speed. In the words of the company founder: "We don't work for the film industry; we are IN the film industry!" We want to enjoy the same success we've had in entertainment in new industries as well including e-sports, medical imaging, corporate video and video surveillance to name a few.

    For time and cost sensitive projects (which is everything in media these days), the value proposition is unparalleled – delivering 10X faster performance than the competition at a price point that's on-budget. The CEO, a seasoned executive at one of the nation's leading technology providers, who successfully built and sold two previous technology companies leapt at the chance to join this new wave in "creative enablement" and the opportunity to shape a truly electric environment for serving customers. Although the team built a strong market share presence without taking any outside financing (more than doubling revenues every year), the company is now focusing on their next phase of growth. In preparation, the company recently completed a sizeable financing round from key industry strategic players (including an owner of a major sports franchise and global entertainment company), who see tremendous potential in transforming the speed in which content is created for online, television, and the big screen.

    Now we are ready for YOU, a strategic marketing leader who is looking for a "calling" and not just a "job." For the right candidate, the next few years presents tremendous growth opportunities – a chance to significantly increase market share across some of the most prestigious enterprise clients in the media, movie, and entertainment space, while launching into several new lucrative verticals like medical imaging, video gaming, government, and virtual reality. We expect the new marketing leader to create and execute a strategic marketing plan from scratch that will help the company grow revenues from around $15m to over $50m in the next two years.

    The company's roster is a close cornucopia of self-starters, who relish in a Special Forces-like "improvise, adapt, overcome" philosophy. We are an extremely tight group, who look after and take care of each other, but demand exceptional performance in return. We believe solely in hiring and retaining A-players, but then giving each full reign to hit their goals. Although expectations are high, the length to which the company will go to support the team is endless. The CEO confidently and proudly expresses: "We are breaking glass and taking down well capitalized [and much larger] competitors, but this is not for the faint of heart." We believe in hiring leaders – rather than followers – across all positions, and take pride in the fact that the employees are focused on extreme ownership and take personal responsibility for achieving results. Perhaps nothing sums up this intense philosophical ethos better than the CEO's own frank words: “Teamwork and individual leadership is crucial. All elements within the greater team must work together to accomplish our goals, mutually supporting one another for that single purpose. It falls on leaders to continually keep perspective on the strategic mission and remind the team that they are part of the greater team and the strategic mission is paramount. Each member of the team is critical to success, though the main effort and supporting efforts must be clearly identified and communicated.”

    Pixar's founders famously commented on the nature of animation, inspiration, and storytelling in a simple expression: "Art challenges technology, but technology inspires the art." If you are ready to help some of the world's most creative people translate that inspiration into the next big blockbuster, then give us a call. The only limitations are those in your head . . . "to infinity and beyond!"

    POSITION: Vice President of Marketing. This is a huge initiative for the company. This is a management position reporting directly to the CEO. Initially, you will only have one direct report. As you achieve your goals, then you will build out your team.

    LOCATION: Position is located Los Angeles, California. Prefer candidates that already live within commuting distance to Culver City, or are flexible to relocate. Working remotely is not an option.

    COMPENSATION: This is a key hire. OpenDrives is willing and able to put together the right package for the right person. We want to know what you have been making, what you want to make and what is important to you. Comp package will include base, bonus, equity and comprehensive full benefits s package including: health, dental, vision, 401k, etc. We want to hire someone who is motivated and confident in their ability to be successful in this role.

    MANAGEMENT STYLE: Position reports to CEO. He describes himself as being very hands-off. He is looking for someone that is a self-starter. He is not a micromanager. He likes to hire people smarter than himself and let them do their job. His philosophy is to hire leaders not followers. He will expect you to come to him and say these are the things we need to do and how to do it, and then we can collaborate. He doesn't want to waste time. He trusts his team. He believes his role is to provide support in every capacity. He is there to help and provide resources. You just need to ask. Figure out the pain point, then we will fix it so you can be successful. He said his job as CEO is to support you and get you the resources that you need.

    CULTURAL FIT: This is a culture that is about results and performance. The three things that we talk about are results, responsibility and high performance. It is what we are about. It is what our products are about. We hold ourselves to those same standards. At the end of the day, you either have a result or a reason why you didn't get the result. We have a phenomenal team that is very focused on performance and achieving results. We go the extra mile and call the client to make sure they aren't just satisfied, but happy. It is fun and fast paced. We have had some great hires that are invigorated by the environment, the electric energy. But then we have some people that come in and are intimidated. It is a very non-corporate environment. We talk about it all the time. We are in it together. We are a team. We are bonded. We sincerely care about each other. We are hard driving and strive for excellence. We care DEEPLY about each other, all for one and one for all. If you are a B student, then you will wash out here. Everyone is just too smart here. But, if you are an A student, then you will love it. The lengths that we will go to in order to support you are endless.

    POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Must have recent and significant experience in a marketing leadership role at a B2B technology company with responsibility for marketing strategy, go-to-market strategy, product/market/sales fit analysis, target customer segmentation and in-depth buyer persona development, SEO, SEM, search, social media, web, content, events, brand building, marcom, demand generation, customer acquisition, onboarding, retention, monetization, online marketing, etc.

    Must be someone who can be responsible for driving lead generation, customer segmentation, loyalty programs and sales support. We really need someone who can drive pipeline growth of qualified leads. We need someone who is a strategic marketer and can drive revenue by developing detailed maps of who our customers are, what motivates them and them developing marketing campaigns to effectively deliver the right message to the right people. Need someone who will develop of a full suite of sales tools including videos, presentations, whitepapers, datasheets, battlecards and campaigns. Develop customer success stories in cooperation with sales. Develop a consistent voice for the company. Manage external design resources, PR agency and industry analyst relationships. Need someone who can understand what our customers' want, why they buy from us or a competitor. Need someone who has successfully developed and implemented an online lead gen program that resulted in significant customer acquisition which is the top priority so candidates MUST have a proven track record for this role. It is mission critical.

    Must be someone who has demonstrated thought leadership in messaging, branding, content marketing, and public relations. Need someone who can help us show the world that we are subject matter experts. Need someone who is very PR savvy. The new VP of Marketing will "have plenty to work with," thanks to our amazing platform that generates quantifiable results for major customers who are pleased to provide references. However, company needs a new VP of Marketing who can build a world class brand and positioning. Someone that will be very strategic in building up the marketing image and presence of the brand. Must be able to outline at least one example of how you successfully built "buzz" around a brand that was virtually unknown when you started working on it.

    Must have successfully created and executed a strategic marketing plan that is very creative and resourceful which resulted in generating a big impact without having to utilize a big budget. Need someone who can build a predictable funnel for revenue and propel the company to be in the leadership position for owning the category that we are defining.

    Must be someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a growth stage company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Ideal candidates will have gone through the high growth and scalability issues of a startup or high growth stage company. Prefer candidates with a successful track record building a brand from early adoption through market share leadership.

    Must be someone who is very resourceful and knows how to get the most bang for your buck. Need someone that can be very hands-on, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to achieve goals while building the marketing team. Need a player coach who leads by example. Need someone that is very strategic, analytical, collaborative and creative. Need someone that knows how to work smart. Need someone experienced at creating AND executing a strategic marketing plan.