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Fitness Coach

Orangetheory - Franchise #0130

Fitness Coach

Redding, CA
Part Time
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    If you’re reading this, you’re probably a committed fitness professional who wants to inspire others to work hard to be the best they can be. You know how to motivate to get that one more Burpee, and know when to hold back to be sure workouts are safe and effective.

    If that sounds like you, then keep reading because OTF is looking for Fitness Coaches to lead our coach inspired, science backed and technology tracked workouts. We are looking for coaches who can make our members feel welcome, and that they’re an integral part of the hour you spend together. Coaches whose positive energy stays with a member long after they’ve left the studio, and they find themselves counting the hours till their next workout.

    Now’s your chance to join Orangetheory and start leading the best 1-hour full-body group workout. We’re hiring and here’s what you need to know about working in a company that exudes positivity, passion, expertise and growth.

    As a Fitness Coach, you will be responsible for delivering scientifically pre-designed workouts for up to 28 clients per session. This position requires a strong ability to coach and manage time, motivating multiple clients in a group setting. An OTF Coach must focus on a well-rounded theory of fitness, including endurance, strength, and power, using the tools given to optimize the client’s experience and results.


    Deliver pred-esigned workouts to groups of 28 clients

    Energize and motivate clients throughout the sessions

    Build OTF attendance and retain current clientele

    Ensure safety of participants with regard to heart rate and exercise technique

    Modify specific exercises to accommodate various skill levels

    Attend monthly fitness staff meetings and required educational presentations

    Handle member concerns when applicable

    Assist sales associates, when needed, with OTF studio tours and sales


    Intermediate knowledge of physiology, exercise technique, and body mechanics

    Ability to multi-task and stay organized

    Positive, motivating and effective interpersonal communication skills

    Desire and capacity to train all fitness levels

    Must hold current fitness certification from an OTF approved education company such as ACSM, ACE, NAMS, NCSA, AFFA, or NFPT

    Bachelor’s degree in an exercise-related field is preferred

    CPR/AED certification

    1+ years of experience teaching groups or personal training in the fitness industry

    Excellent communication and customer service skills

    Must be able to safely lift and move up to 40 lbs

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