Customer Support Hero


Customer Support Hero

Boise, ID
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    ABOUT PARTNERHERO: We build globally-distributed teams for growing startups, including some of the world's most exciting technology companies. Our partners trust us with many operational responsibilities, including customer support, sales, accounts payable, product design and localization. We have offices in the US, Honduras, Germany and the Philippines, with remote associates in 17 countries including Turkey, Brazil, Morocco, Italy, France, Spain and Japan. Our global approach gives us unique operational advantages AND makes for an amazing company culture.

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    ABOUT THIS PROJECT: You would be working for an exciting startup that makes innovative gifts and greeting cards. WE'RE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH BIG, FRIENDLY PERSONALITIES that can really match the company's friendly brand. Believe us, this is a special brand that you'll love working for!

    LOCATION: We just opened a new office in downtown Boise, ID.

    JOB TYPE: Full-time SHIFT: Tuesday-Saturday, 7AM to 4PM Mountain Time LOCATION: Downtown Boise


    • Use our support tools to respond to calls from customers and tackle email when there are no calls coming in
    • Serve clients and customers with a delightful approach to problem-solving that can turn even the grumpiest person into a vocal evangelist for the brand
    • Acquire valuable customer insights and share them with the rest of the team
    • Master the product, learning all of its nuances and keeping up-to-date with the latest updates and support policies
    • Troubleshoot technical issues reported by customers, offer solutions, and file bug tickets for any undocumented issues you vet and confirm

    Your performance is measured by looking at:

    • Customer satisfaction ratings
    • The accuracy / professionalism / friendless of your responses
    • Reliability and self-management
    • Total support tickets resolved, weekly and monthly


    • Attention to detail and quality
    • Warmth and empathy — you spread the love as a way of life
    • Amazing written and verbal English communication skills
    • Mind-blowing customer service sensibilities
    • Great at problem-solving
    • Proactive attitude and ability to work remotely with limited supervision
    • Curious and hungry
    • Willingness to learn, improve, and become a more valuable member of the team