Head of Product


Head of Product

Los Angeles, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities


    Our femme-focused company simplifies and customizes your shopping experience through innovative text messaging service. Created to bring convenience, simplicity and customization to your experience, Whym takes what you enjoy most about online and offline shopping and combines them.

    Engage in a text conversation with a Whym team member in real-time to ask questions, get suggestions, and add products from our boutique lookbook to your cart with a hashtag.

    Founded by a dynamic female duo, Whym makes getting the things consumers love, easy. We've curated a list of unique products by sorting through hundreds of “instabrands” - niche companies that have less than 30K followers - that offer high quality and easily replenish-able goods. Each brand value proposition is focused on things that matter most to the modern woman.


    You're obsessed with providing best in class experiences, you aren't afraid to think outside the box and you're ready to take on building a completely new approach to product through 1-1 conversational marketing.

    We operate at an extremely fast past and will expect the same from you. This position will require your full attention & constant communication with our team.


    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and related experience
    • MBA preferred.
    • 10+ years experience
    • Experience at a DNVB or e-commerce based retailer
    • Experience delivering large-scale projects and managing multiple complex projects simultaneously.
    • Experience in go-to-market campaigns.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication


    • Startup / entrepreneurial mentality
    • Move, adjust, shift, iterate, grow and execute at high speed
    • Ready to go above and beyond
    • Creative and iterative mindset
    • Bias towards action


    Together our team creates a world-class experience, challenges the norm, builds groundbreaking new categories and has a great time doing it. You'll be working hand in hand with the founders to build the Whym brand.


    • Experience, hunger and speed of start-up.
    • Understands how to take diverse input from disciplines across a small team and build a product development roadmap that moves a company in a pre-PMF stage through PMF and beyond.
    • Can align user experience across diverse touchpoints, show how and when those touchpoints should change - adjust roadmap.
    • Is scientific about creating hypothesis that align to clear data and financial driven KPIs.
    • Understands when to bend/flex to keep brand and customer as the priority.
    • Is tuned into bleeding edge behavioral trends
    • Understands the tools needed to create, manage and drive a product development roadmap across web, mobile, app, backend systems, social channels, etc.
    • Reliable, trust-worthy and autonomous.
    • Has a strong expert opinions, but listens first.
    • Expert understanding of DNVB structure and models used throughout small businesses and large businesses


    • As head of digital product, this person will be responsible for creating a strategic roadmap for all “products” inside of the company. These products will include propriety digital software, physical product category rollout, brand & content calendar, etc.
    • Help the company align product development roadmap to maximize opportunity to find PMF through a series of hypothesis, tests and analysis.
    • Ingest, organize and create a plan of execution for multi-disciplinary team
    • Research behavioral trends in consumer software, web design and commerce interaction to bring new workflows into testing.