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iOS Developer

Salt Lake City, UT
Full Time
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    Imagine there's a place you can go to solve all of your startup problems. Imagine there's a super-mentor, who can connect you with everything you need to get your project off of the ground. It doesn't matter if it's your first venture as an individual or if it is your next project as part of the mega-corporation in which you work. Imagine you can get solid advice on your plan, product-market fit, production, and distribution. Wouldn't an all-in-one shop be expensive?

    At Pixio, we aren't all things to all people, but when it comes to the mobile world, we solve problems.

    As an iOS developer, you will do amazing things for clients. You'll build a portfolio of really cool work that you'll be able to show off for years. And for those clients who won't let us share their work, lifelong connections . . . YOUR ROLE:

    • Help define mobile for an entire industry. Check out
    • Write code that will be used by millions and be recognized by the most discerning app reviewers out there: Apple.
    • Keep learning. Apple releases new versions of their developer APIs regularly, and if you are passionate about iOS, you naturally keep up on these new developments.


    • Have 1+ years of experience building iPhone apps
      • (our ideal candidate would have at least 2-3 years, but we don't want to exclude talented people with a bit less)
    • Develop beautiful, useful apps that are live in the App Store.
    • Handle plenty of responsibility and can see a project to completion with minimal help and intervention
    • Care about details—we've noticed the best iOS developers are as obsessed with animation as they are with view controllers and CFRuntimeCreateInstance's.