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    About the Opportunity

    Varsity Tutors is looking for subject matter experts like you to tutor Professional Development subjects online! We offer learners the chance to connect with experts to prepare for a variety of exams in professional fields, such as healthcare, finance, law, technology, education and trades.

    As one of the fastest growing education technology companies, Varsity Tutors makes remote teaching and learning seamless and interactive.

    Benefits of our Live Learning Platform include:

    • Connect to online tutoring sessions with streaming video and chat from the comfort of your home
    • Easily utilize learning tools, such as our interactive whiteboard, practice questions and quizzes
    • Access to tutoring opportunities to work with students around the country in over 3,000 subjects

    What’s in it for you?

    • Get paid twice per week! Competitive rates ranging from $20-$45/hr
    • The opportunity to tutor individual students or groups, all while designing your own courses & curriculum
    • Tutor as much as or as little as you'd like! You have the freedom to set your own flexible, part time schedule
    • Focus on the tutoring and we will handle the rest. We have a dedicated tutor engagement team to send the right opportunities your way and a technical support team available around the clock.
    • The opportunity to share your unique knowledge and help students achieve their goals! We pride ourselves on offering instruction in over 3,000 subjects, so we can connect you with learners seeking your expertise.


    • Proof of successful completion of specific professional certification (i.e. test scores or professional association information)
    • Ability to tailor lessons towards students’ learning needs using your own preferred materials, student-provided materials and/or VT learning tools. Professional certification students range from first-time test takers to repeat testers, some with timelines imposed by their current employers and others with flexible goals.

    Who We Are

    Varsity Tutors is a purpose-driven company enabling access to high-quality instruction and transforming how people learn through technology.

    From preschool to professional, learning at every level has always been a one-size-fits-all solution to what should be a very personal journey. We are here to disrupt that assumption, make personal learning ubiquitous, and fulfill our fundamental belief that education is a human right.

    Join us in making a difference.

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    We are revolutionizing the way the world learns.

    Our mission is simple: to help people learn! Varsity Tutors is a fast-growing education technology company that is revolutionizing how people learn with new and innovative technology. Our award-winning online and mobile learning platforms connect students and professionals from all around the world with personalized one-on-one tutoring and group course instruction to achieve any goal.

    Varsity Tutors is looking for experts like you to teach online. Through our platform, we are offering the opportunity to connect with students at all levels in core academic, exam, and enrichment topics.

    What’s in it for you? -Different ways to earn from the comfort of home: one-on-one tutoring, group course instruction, content contributor -As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to use your own teaching styles and methods, and set your own schedule -Competitive rates with twice weekly payments -Dedicated technical support team -The opportunity to share your knowledge and help students achieve their goals

    If you love learning, and you love technology, apply with Varsity Tutors!