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    CREATIVE REAL ESTATE PROS RAPID REALTY WINDSOR TERRACE OFFICE LLC. is at the forefront of producing the leaders of tomorrow! We help those who have creative passions ranging from acting, photography, filmmaking, and music achieve their goals by becoming successful in real estate financially. We provide real estate training creative workshops, international networking opportunities, and the chance to grow your creative dreams!

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York State ranks as the top paying state for Realtors. The average salary you could expect after you become a real estate agent could be as much as $94,000 a year. Once you become a licensed real estate agent, the more time you put into your career, the more your income potential can grow. At Rapid Realty Windsor Terrace You have the flexibility to create a work schedule that fits your lifestyle. If you enjoy meeting new people, you have that opportunity almost every day. Career advancement that is under your control and allows you financial freedom.

    It's said that the lowest 25 percentile Real Estate Salesperson earned over $25K annually. That 25 percentile is the Salesperson who is working as a part-time Agent. Even with those numbers, that's still more than what most employees are taking in and with 50% less stress and 100% more appreciation

    The job is simple and fun. You will be required to schedule appointments, meet with prospective tenants and show them apartments, lofts, condos and commercial spaces. We have tons of clients that contact us daily, no cold calling required. We are looking for you to show our inventory.

    NO PREVIOUS REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Although we do not have any food/beverage positions, we posted here because we find that candidates from this industry tend to do extremely well in the Real Estate industry.

    We have 62+ offices around NYC that you can work out of.

    Begin a potentially lucrative career on the right path with a successful company. ✯No Experience Necessary. Our extensive training program will develop you into a seasoned Real Estate Salesperson in no time flat.

    ✯Unlimited Earnings. This position can offer unlimited earnings and the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

    ✯We Welcome Licensed Agents. Unlike other real estate firms, our business is booming! This is due to our concentration on RENTALS. We have found the solution to this declining real estate market!

    ✯NO COLD CALLING - NO DOOR TO DOOR SALES - NO DESK FEES The most successful agents possess the following skills:

    ✔Good Work Ethic ✔Great Organizational Skills ✔Friendly Customer Service ✔Motivation ✔An entrepreneurial spirit ✔PASSION to be successful in life. Our most successful agents come from all walks of life, and all professional backgrounds.

    Join the team Today! Become a Success Story!