Lab Manager (Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks) Emerling Lab

Kansas City Southern Railway

Lab Manager (Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks) Emerling Lab

Allendale, MO
  • Responsibilities



    Department: IT

    Functional Area: Telecommunications

    Reports To: Planning and Delivery Telecommunications Manager

    Ind.Con. or Supervisor: Supervisor


    Responsible for the video solutions strategies and operation of KCS, both US and Mexico. Define video architecture and vendor evaluation to meet video needs for KCS. Manage video operating costs. Analyze business needs for video to be integrated in the KCS video strategy. Comply with regulatory demand for video by government and security entities.

    Position Requirements

    Formal Education:

    List in order of importance

            1)        Bachelor in electronics and communications engineering
            2)         Master in IT management preferred
            3)         Technical training (networking, wireless, etc.)


    List in order of importance

            1)         Security Systems
            2)         Video technology systems
            3)         Wireless communications


    List in order of importance

            1)         Technology architecture and design
            2)         Negotiation with vendors
            3)         English

    Essential Functions:

    List in order of importance:

    • Evaluation of technology and vendors for video and security
    • Manage costs of operations and maintenance for video solutions
    • Cover business needs for video with technology to be integrated in KCS network
    • Guarantee that KCS complies with video requirements by government and security entities
    • Execute video solutions and IT security projects

    Other Functions:

    List in order of importance:

    Establish a standard of architecture for video technology of KCS

    • Optimize network usage for video solutions
    • Interface between business areas and IT for video solutions
    • Maintain and support of technology for video monitoring center in Monterrey
    • Manage support process for video & security systems

    Relevant Scope Factors (if applicable):

    Budget Accountability:Capital projects $1.5M /year

    Sales Results:

    Headcount Accountability: 1-2 Geographic Scope: US and Mexico

    Required Skills Required Experience