Evening Commercial Cleaner (Part Time)

Service Master Commercial Cleaners

Evening Commercial Cleaner (Part Time)

Newport News, VA
Part Time
  • Responsibilities


    Performs a variety of tasks relating to the cleaning of assigned commercial areas which may include entrances, reception, corridors, conference rooms, workspaces, break rooms, and restrooms. Performs all work in accordance with customer and Company standards, and OSHA and Company safety requirements.


    1. Receives and understands instructions of cleaning requirements of assigned areas.

    2. Receives instructions on schedule and timeframes for cleaning areas and buildings.

    3. Uses a variety of cleaning equipments, materials and products; such as vacuums, mops, dusting cloths, cleaning solutions, etc.

    4. Depending on assignment may do any or all of the following on a daily, weekly or periodic basis:

    5. Cleans (vacuums, dusts, mops, etc.) assigned areas to customer and Company standards

    6. Empties trashcans, replaces liners, and wipes trashcans as required

    7. Cleans and sanitizes phones, vacuums carpets, and sweeps and mops tile floors

    8. Dusts office furniture, blinds, window sills, plants, air vents, and light fixtures, etc.

    9. Spot cleans interior glass and doors

    10. Wipes walls, doors, door frames, and other vertical surfaces free of smudges and fingerprints

    11. Cleans and polishes chrome and stainless steel fixtures, sinks, faucets, kick plates, switch plates, etc.

    Job Description

    Works inside commercial buildings most of the time.

    Normal visual and hearing abilities required. Frequent bending and lifting up to 50 pounds unassisted on a regular, recurring basis.

    Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions in English, and read labels on cleaning products.

    Must be able to meet required scheduled work schedule which may include days, or nights, weekends and/or holidays. Must be willing to change shift schedule with minimal advance notice. Occasional overtime, regardless of schedule, may be required.


    Performs additional functions as required.


    Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions in English. Previous experience is desirable but not required. Must be willing and able to work scheduled hours.