Tax Preparer Internships

Simic CPA

Tax Preparer Internships

Parma, OH
  • Responsibilities

    Job Description

    Tax Preparer Primary Responsibilities Compute taxes owed by following tax code. Prepare or assist in preparing simple to complex tax returns for individuals or small businesses. Help taxpayers by using their federal, State and local codes and see to it that clients receive the maximum benefit permitted under the law of government. Uncover potential deductions and credits. Advise against potential liabilities. Ensure clients do not pay unnecessary taxes. Review financial records such as income statements and documentation of expenditures. Interview clients to get a thorough picture of financial situation. Verify totals on past forms for accuracy. Calculate and invoice for form preparation fees. Consult tax law handbooks for especially difficult tax returns. Resolve customer complaints. Recommend additional products and services. Prepare tax returns using electronic filing software. Ensure a copy of the completed return is provided to the customer. Assist and support administrative staff of the tax department. Assist support in tasks of tax audits. Strict client confidentiality relating to their tax matters. Adhere to tax professional standards and ethics in tax assistant functions

    Company Description

    Simic CPA & Company has been in business for over thirty years. We are located in Parma Ohio, serving clients in the Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs. Also, we have clients residing in other Countries that we provide services to. We are a One Stop Office for privately owned companies, professionals, including Hotels, Medical, Health Care, Dental, Law Practices, Construction & Mortgage Companies, Productions Companies, Hair & Nail Salons & Spas, Clothing Companies, Residential & Commercial Cleaning Companies, Grocery Stores & Deli, Restaurants, Car dealerships, Rental Agencies, Landscaping Companies, Transportation Companies and many other types of businesses. We offer our clients a wide range of accounting services. Our Services included accounting software support, we are certified professional advisers for Quickbooks on-line, Bookkeeping, Payroll, License Pension Plans and Benefit Consulting Services.