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Soccer Shots Internship Experience

Soccer Shots - Central Indiana

Soccer Shots Internship Experience

Carmel, IN
Part Time
  • Responsibilities

    Soccer Shots Internship Experience


    Employer Description:

    Founded in 1998, Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development for children ages 2-8. We positively impact children’s lives on and off the field through our best-in-class coaching, communication, and curriculum. Through franchising and a commitment to strong systems and training programs, Soccer Shots is now offered in 190 territories in over 37 states and Canada. Over 350,000 children will enjoy Soccer Shots this year! Soccer Shots is consistently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 500 Franchise, as Best in Category by Franchise Business Review, and is the Official 2-5 year old program of US Youth Soccer.

    Local Franchise:

    The local Soccer Shots franchise, called “Soccer Shots Central Indiana,” has existed for 8 years. Our office is located in Carmel, IN. The company is owned by Kristen and Kevin Rebholz. The company offers year-round Soccer Shots programs at nearly 90 locations, serves over 8,000 participants each year and employs a dozen staff members.

    Primary Internship Site: 13295 Illinois Street Ste. 206, Carmel, IN

    Supervisor: HR & Event Coordinator Amber McDaniel: 317-416-8902


    Professional Development Value:

    Soccer Shots is a leader in leaving a lasting, positive impact on the youth it serves. Through the game of soccer, children learn creative play and character skills. With supervision from the HR & Event Coordinator, the student intern will be exposed to a successful franchise system and the inner workings of a small business while increasing proficiency in delivering an athletic program to youth.

    Academic and Experiential Objectives:

    The student intern will be required to handle and present him/herself in a professional manner, consistently arriving on time to assigned office hours, soccer sessions, and events. She/he will be expected to assist in the overall execution of a Soccer Shots season and will gain knowledge in event planning, community outreach, scheduling, and the management side of the business. Throughout the season, the intern will have the opportunity to lead the efforts in organizing and coordinating an event, which is an important aspect of Soccer Shots’ community outreach and parent communication. The student intern will also participate in instructing Soccer Shots sessions, giving him/her experience in coaching youth and working with parents and directors of childcare centers.

    Obtaining Academic/College Credit:

    This internship experience may or may not already be an approved academic credit internship with your school. Please make sure to notify us immediately if you are seeking academic credit through your school for this experience. With your help, Soccer Shots will work directly with your school’s registrar, your academic advisor, or your school’s internship/career department TO ALLOW THIS INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE TO COUNT FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT.

    Responsibilities (can include but are not limited to):


    Assist in the overall execution of the scheduled Soccer Shots season

    Find and manage volunteers for events

    Coach sessions throughout the season/master back-up for sessions

    Run demos and attend promo events


    Assist in planning and execution of events

    Secure event donations/vendors

    Manage Soccer Shots staff members/find volunteers to execute events

    Assist in planning and execution of community outreach


    Organize and distribute enrollment forms and promotional materials to coaches

    Prepare and distribute jerseys to coaches, as well as seasonal prizes and certificates

    Prepare email marketing for events

    Data entry

    Correspond with event location staff

    Create and communicate special event emails

    Prepare seasonal newsletter for families


    Attend Leadership Team meetings, as needed

    Attend weekly meetings with HR & Event Coordinator

    Submit final report to Soccer Shots on your internship experience

    Goals & Evaluation Method:

    A performance evaluation will occur at four weeks and at the conclusion of the internship experience. The evaluation will consider the following general areas of professional operations and specific intern goals within each area:

    Core Values

    Core Skills







    Job Specific Skills

    Planning, marketing, execution (events & community outreach)

    Leadership development



    Continued formal and informal supervision will occur between the intern and the onsite supervisors. Clear and open communication will occur on an ongoing and as needed basis, with a 30-minute weekly meeting and daily check-in via email or phone call.

    Internship Structure and Compensation:

    The Soccer Shots internship will depend on the season of the internship. In general, it will encompass a 15-30 hour work week for a 12-to-15-week period. Internship seasons are as follows:

    SPRING SEASON: March through end of May

    SUMMER SEASON: May/June through mid-August

    FALL SEASON: August/September through end of November

    WINTER SEASON: Mid-December through mid-March

    The internship will include 12-15 consecutive work weeks at 15-30 hours a week for the duration of the internship. The number of hours may vary per week and can be determined by supervisor’s and the intern’s schedules. Please communicate if you need to adjust your amount of hours and we will be happy to talk that through with you.

    During the first four weeks of the internship, the intern will be working closely with the HR & Event Coordinator on preparing for the upcoming season – running demos, organize promotional materials for coaches, and preparing jerseys for distribution. Once the season starts, the intern’s focus will shift to executing soccer sessions each week (number of sessions, sites, and times TBD) and supporting other coaches. Session timeframes include some sessions during the daytime, possibly sessions on weeknights (3:00 pm – 7:30 pm), and possibly Saturday morning sessions (9:00 am – 12:30 pm). Intern will also have events on weekends to manage.

    The intern will be compensated based on number of hours assigned to internship. The intern will be paid $10 per hour. Sessions will be scheduled within close proximity of the intern’s residence, if possible. A gas stipend of $75 is paid for this position, as some travel is required.

    The internship position is eligible for NPS Remarkables Bonus (from survey of parents). If intern is mentioned by name, in a positive NPS review, they receive $10 per remarkable comment.

    Interested candidates should a send a cover letter and resume to , and fill out the online application, within the following time frames based on the intern’s preferred season. Please indicate which season you are pursuing within the body of your email.

    SPRING SEASON: Submit by March 1

    SUMMER SEASON: Submit by May 1

    FALL SEASON: Submit by August 1

    WINTER SEASON: Submit by December 1

    Internship positions will be filled on a rolling schedule, so the earlier the submission, the better. The deadlines above are the absolute latest submission dates that will be considered for the upcoming season. Interviews and offers may be made before these dates, so it is best to submit early.