Substation Designer

RR Donnelley

Substation Designer

Cudahy, WI
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    Review electronic files that are received from clients and check them for thoroughness and completeness in advance of the plate making process. Using electronic page layout software (desktop publishing software) manipulates the format of the print job to the dimensions of the paper. Determine page layout, accounting for folds, trims, bleeds and gripper, and add crop marks and color bars as necessary. Identify missing or problematic components and communicate them to the CSR, customer and production personnel. Work directly with CSR, customer, and production personnel as necessary to work out any problems with the job. Load customer supplied electronic files for output, onto the Pre-Press and Blind operators during the manufacturing process. May prepare color proofs for customer review. May impose images and operate CTP plate making equipment and bending/tabbing equipment to prepare plates for press.

    Operate inkjet, laser, xerographic or offset duplicating printers. RIP files or review job instructions to prepare jobs for printing. Maintain daily print job production logs and daily delivery manifests. Setup, program and release jobs from print queue. May adjust image position, perforations and folds on paper. Monitor quality of job output for correctness and image quality. Order supplies such as ink, chemical solutions, blankets and rollers, paper, tabs and other items as needed. Maintain inventory levels.

    Requires a thorough knowledge of equipment set up, adjustment, operating procedures, and a corresponding level of skill to set up, operate, and adjust the equipment. Able to set up, operate, and adjust the equipment, and in addition, diagnose, solve, and correct operating problems affecting the quality and timeliness of the service or product or function. May instruct junior level operators how to complete the required corrective adjustment. Typically, corrective adjustments performed require the operator to consider the symptom(s), possible causes and remedies

    Perform quality checks on finished plates before releasing to manufacturing.

    Must be able to work with various graphic design and layout software applications commonly used on Mac's and PC's. A thorough understanding of digital file formats (pdf, tiff, eps) from different operating systems (Mac and PC) is required. Experience with imposition software (Mac) and Adobe Creative Suite software (PC) is preferred. Advanced color management skills and the ability to work with different digital file formats are required. Must have the ability to output digital files to various output devices; must have the ability to continue to learn and use new graphics software on an ongoing basis. Must have an understanding of the offset printing process and how one color affects another. Mechanical skills using small hand tools in order to make minor repairs and perform maintenance on a flatbed scanner, image setter, and automated film processing equipment is required.


    Required Skills Required Experience

  • Qualifications

    Responsibilities will include:

    • Loan boarding for new loans
    • Process payments (mail, and wires) & monitoring payment exceptions
    • Set up of ACH payments & sending billing notices
    • Provide member service to members with questions, and changes (address changes).
    • Process escrow disbursements for taxes and insurance to include process of escrow analysis
    • Process reserve disbursements: (including collecting required documentation)
    • Process Earnout disbursements (including collecting required documentation)
    • Non-escrowed property tax monitoring
    • Non-escrowed insurance monitoring including following up on with insurance agent and borrower.
    • Process protective advance for property taxes or as needed.
    • UCC administration to include renewals and terminations
    • Loan payoffs to include payoff quotes, statements, re-conveyances and reports
    • Process/review yearend tax reporting (1098 & 1099)
    • Update system with modification changes
  • Industry