Recruitment Event: How to Get a Job in Research and Development with Clorox

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Recruitment Event: How to Get a Job in Research and Development with Clorox

  • What

    There is a particular kind of person who chooses to work in research and development. Some of them are just curious, some are natural-born knowledge seekers, and others are explorers of thought. But at Clorox, those who work in our Research and Development department are usually all three.

    When you work in research and development for a global product manufacturer, no two days are the same. From product development to employee resource groups, there is no end to the number of things you will immerse yourself in. But why let some words on a webpage tell you about it?

    In our upcoming virtual event, attendees will get the chance to hear what it’s like working in R&D at Clorox from the very people who do it. Hear about all the experiences that await you, learn about what current employees did to get them in the position they are now, and gain insight that you won’t find anywhere else - all in our virtual event coming up on September 1st, 2022 (RSVP above).

  • Where

    This event is entirely virtual. Once we review your RSVP, you will be emailed a link to register for the info session if you qualify.

  • When

    9/1/2022, 6:30 PM EST

  • Industry
    Consumer Goods
  • About Us

    Clorox builds brands that make everyday life better, every day. We value our differences, and challenge each other to think and act boldly. We try new things, succeed, fail and keep learning. We work hard, have busy personal lives and are all able to make a positive impact -- at Clorox, in our communities and in the lives of millions of people who invite us into their homes and workplaces. Make your mark and help us drive growth that is profitable, sustainable and responsible.