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Process Engineer-FS

Tenneco Inc.

Process Engineer-FS

  • Responsibilities

    1.Take charge of Canning or Welding process design. New samples pilot production and improvement.制消封装或焊接前期策划,封装或焊接新产品工装模具调试及过程验证

    2.Process improvement, quality improvement and cost dowm.工艺改进,质量问题改善,成本降低改善

    3.process document, cycle time。试制及批量工艺文件的编制,工时制订。

    4.Plant selection, capacity calculation 工厂选择,产能计算

    5.Make vs. Buy 自制外购的定义

    6.Plant layout 工厂布局

    7.tooling & Equipment specifications 设备工装标准化

    8.Equipment Gages Fixtures tracking 设备工装跟踪

    9.Responsible for department internal other things arranged by superior负责上级安排的部门内部的其他事物。

    Required Skills Required Experience

    1. College Degree in Mechanical its equivalent;机械相关专业本科以上学历

    2. Two years Mechanical / welding experience, automotive experience have priority, familiar with fixture design.具有两年以上从事机械/焊接经验,有汽车行业优先,熟悉夹具工装设计;

    3. Familiar with the standard of welding and welding process熟悉焊接标准,熟悉焊接工艺(气体保护焊);

      1. Familiar automatic(robot) arc welding equipment熟悉自动化(机器人)弧焊设备;

      2. Familiar office software, two dimension and three dimension drawing software熟练操作办公用软件,二维及三维制图软件;

      6.Smart and clarity思维敏捷,条理清晰;

      7.Well English reading and writing skill.良好的英语读写水平。