Brand Account Executive, Craft Beer + Wine

The Looma Project

Brand Account Executive, Craft Beer + Wine

Durham, NC
Full Time
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    Looma's vision is to build the world's most insightful and actionable storytelling platform. Our first product, Loop™ At-Shelf Maker Stories, is comprised of tablets in grocery stores that play short videos about the humans behind our products. The goal of our films is simple: we want to capture and share stories of people who love what they do, driving emotional affinity for both vendor and venue.


    Brand Account Executives are responsible for delivering simple, delightful experiences to Looma's CPG suppliers (brand partners). Brand AEs are generally assigned to a specific category or categories (craft beer + wine in this case) and will own the entire sales process for suppliers in those categories. Lead gen tends to be fairly light, as it is primarily routed through our retail partners, so the majority of the position is qualifying, closing, and owning the account post-sale. As Looma expands outside the Southeast, Brand AEs will be responsible for developing a nationwide strategy for managing their respective categories.

    The Brand Account Executive role consists of two primary emphases. These emphases are listed below, along with the key objectives, responsibilities, and projected time allocation associated with each.

    1. Brand Partner Sales: 40%

    2. Brand Partner Account Management: 60%


    • Develop processes that make partnering with Looma simple and delightful
    • Build and refine craft beer + wine sales materials
    • Manage inbound requests for new partnerships (typically routed through retailers)
    • Qualify and close new brand partner deals
    • Success will be defined by campaign utilization (% of ad inventory sold)


    • Upon closing new deals, introduce BPs to Looma's Story Success team
    • Join Story Discovery and Story Strategy calls to partner with Story Success team in outlining a successful campaign
    • Coordinate with BPs during campaign to ensure successful execution
    • Present Campaign Performance Reports + recommend areas of growth for future campaigns
    • Work with select BPs and Analytics team to operate experiments that measure the impact of various campaign elements
    • Work with Product team to integrate BP feedback into product roadmap
    • Success will be defined by a) NPS and b) net dollar retention


    • Poised, but in an authentic, human sort of way
    • Quick to love people – genuinely enjoys establishing relationships, not just selling
    • Miraculous ability to garner trust
    • Able to articulate business value with immense clarity
    • Obsessed with building systems that deliver simple, delightful experiences
    • Excited by Looma's analytical approach to everything
    • Operationally excellent; able to manage 50+ brand relationships
    • Enjoys being on the phone (95% of sales will be made by phone / email)
    • Joyful and composed on the good days as well as the bad


    Primary Compensation

    • Salary: $60k - $100k
    • Stock Options: 0.05% - 0.25%


    • Employee coverage for health, dental, and vision (gold plan)
    • Unlimited vacation (minimum of 10 days)
    • 12-week primary caregiver leave
    • $100/month craftsmanship stipend


    While we expect serious candidates to be a strong match for this job description, Looma fundamentally believes that culture is the strongest predictor of success for a startup. As such, we hire first for culture and second for aptitude. Strong contributors to Looma's culture will exhibit the following characteristics:

    1. Humility
    2. Integrity
    3. Wisdom
    4. Emotional Intelligence
    5. Grit
    6. Joyfulness
    7. Fun