Cannabis Trimmer


Cannabis Trimmer

Arcata, CA
Full Time
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    Trimco is a cannabis processing company which is currently expanding its operations across California. Our mission is to take a giant leap forward for cannabis trimming and set a new standard across the industry. We are proud to call several of California's largest cannabis brands as our clients and are experiencing explosive demand for our services across the state.

    To us, trimming isn't just a job, it's a craft to be proud of, and it's a hugely important part of the cannabis industry. At Trimco, not only are we changing the way trimming is done with innovative processes and technologies, we are a people-first company and we're working hard every day to create the best possible environment for everyone on our team.


    We are not your "traditional" trimming operation. We want you here for the long haul, joining our team with the intention to excel, master your craft, and have fun with us on our journey towards industry-leading excellence.


    • No day work; stable opportunities offered at full-time or part-time status.
    • Year round work because Trimco is not a seasonal company.
    • Experience is awesome, but not required.
    • Promotions from within if you are a hard worker and good with people.
    • Flexible shifts - DAY (7 AM- 5 PM) OR NIGHT (6 PM- 2 AM)
    • Work with knowledgeable staff who will train and coach you.
    • High quality material from the best growers in Humboldt county.
    • Treated with respect and professionalism.


    • Manicure buds carefully and to the exact specifications of our farmers.
    • Bring out the aesthetic beauty of the flower we're trimming.
    • Trim quickly enough to meet meet daily/weekly quotas.
    • Able to identify molds, mildews, bugs, viruses, etc.
    • Adapt to different trim styles and speeds depending on quality and customer needs.
    • Follow directions from managers for different strains.
    • Clean and maintain your tools and workspace.
    • Comfortable working next to others and be respectful of others' workspace and environment.
    • Conduct oneself professionally and with discretion at all times
    • You will be paid for every hour worked, with the expectation of trimming 1LB/day
    • High performers who trim more than 1LB/day will be met with production bonuses!


    • Sit/stand while performing repetitive motions for extended periods of time (8 hours).
    • Carry up to 30 pounds at a time.
    • Show up to scheduled shifts on time. We have a day and night shift available and operated 7 days per week.
    • CA Cannabis Regulations require all trimmers must be over the age of 21.


    We host orientations for new hires every Wednesday at 8:45AM (day shift) and 5:30PM (night shift), so if there is a fit, we will contact you with details on attending a first-day orientation!