Medical Assistant

Urology Associates PC

Medical Assistant

  • Responsibilities

    PREFERRED SKILLS: Exceptional customer service, highly motivated, and able to work in a fast pace environment.

    PURPOSE: To coordinate and monitor care of patients in the assigned clinical area. This position also has compliance accountability and/or responsibility for Urology Associate’s policies and procedures, the Principles of Responsibility, accreditation standards (if applicable), and applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as, proper use of Urology Associate’s Personal Computer (PC) and applications.


    • Practice Standard Precautions, including hand-washing and disposal of bio hazardous materials
    • Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control.
    • Perform sterilization techniques.
    • Comply with quality assurance practices.
    • Collect and process specimens.
    • Perform CLIA waived/non-waived tests
    • Perform EKG’s
    • Set up lab, procedure and examination rooms daily.
    • Collect, log, use microscope and spin urines.
    • Prepare urine for cultures, PCA3’s and cytology.
    • Keep patient rooms stocked with supplies and medication samples.
    • Autoclave all necessary instruments.
    • Keep logs of all tests ordered.
    • Run lab controls daily.
    • Print lab orders.
    • Distribute lab results, reports, etc. to appropriate physicians.
    • Set-up, assist other nurses and clean up for procedures:
      • Cystoscopes Hydrocele aspiration
      • Stent Removal Flow Rates/PVR
      • Vasectomies BCG, Intron A
      • Fulguration Cath insertion/removal
    • Clean and disinfect lab and exam rooms.
    • Use of proper grammar and appropriate language with all communication.
    • Assist the Clinical Manager, Practice Administrator and Physician’s with the orderly business operation as necessary, including but not limited to assisting other employees as directed.
    • Answer phones in a timely manner, using appropriate telephone etiquette.
    • Conduct business in a professional manner at all times, treating patients and coworkers with respect and dignity: mindful to avoid the use of inappropriate language and behavior.
    • Provide ongoing assurance of functional emergency equipment and adequate emergency drug supplies. Respond to emergency situations throughout medical facility. Document emergency situation to supervisor.
    • Implement patient teaching plans for areas of prostate cancer, kidney stones, BPH, infertility, and other areas as designated.
    • Act as patient advocate and resolve patient problems. Bring unresolved issues to Clinical Supervisors attention.
    • Perform other related duties as directed.


    • Lift, push and pull patients
    • Perform simple motor skills and manipulative skills such as standing, walking, writing and use of various pieces of office equipment
    • Perform gross body coordination such as walking, stooping, and standing while performing tasks, carrying and lifting objects
    • Requires standing or bending over equipment for long periods of time
    • Requires ability to see objects closely to allow for reading of instruments, physician orders and computer screens
    • Requires ability to use depth perception, judge distance, size, color and shape of an object
    • Requires ability to hear normal sounds with background noise as in answering phone, intercom, equipment sounds and alarms
    • Requires ability to process great amounts of information, apply strong problem solving skills, exercise good judgment, concentrate on details with interruptions and deal with a variety of abstract/concrete variables

    Multiple Locations Available:

    • Parkridge
    • Rose
    • Float between clinics


    Requires some travel between clinics.

    MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - RELEVANT YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: A least one-year of current experience in private practice or ambulatory setting and proficiency in the use of applicable computer software is required..

    MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - EDUCATION AND/OR CLASSES: Completion of a Medical Assistant program from an accredited school.

    MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - LICENSE, CERTIFICATION AND/OR DESIGNATION: Current MA certificate/diploma in appropriate jurisdiction is required. Must be certified or able to take certification exam within six months of hire. Current BLS certification is required