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Research Scientist Intern


Research Scientist Intern
Palo Alto, CA Internship Paid


Criteo Research is offering Intern Scientist positions at all of our Research centers-

Palo Alto (USA), Paris (France) & Grenoble (France) for 2017. Interested candidates

can email us with their location & duration preference. An internship will run for a

minimum of three months

What is the minimum qualification?

Criteo Research is looking for candidates currently enrolled in a PhD program with

preference given to candidates who are in the 3rd year of the program or greater.

We will also consider final year MS students, in France, who are interested in

following-up with a CIFRE engagement.

What will the Intern Scientists work on?

Criteo Research works on a slew of challenging research

problems in real-time bidding, large-scale recommendation,

learning representations/embeddings, scalable machine

learning, auction theory, reinforcement learning etc. All of our

research problems are inspired by real/practical problems that

we encounter in our production systems. Thus, our work is not

only academically motivating but practically useful as well.

Our goal during the internship is to help intern candidates appreciate the

complexities of working in a production system while solving a research problem

that is close to their existing research work. A successful internship for us is one

where the intern works with their mentor on a well-defined goal that either has

product impact and/or results in a publication in an accredited conference. Towards

this end, we customize our internship project to each intern rather than forcing

interns to work on pre-specified topics.

How to apply?

Apply at the official job-posting or send us an email with your resume to

rscRecruitment@criteo.com. Please specify your preferred location and duration.

What is the interview process?

Interviews for internship positions typically involve two phone-interviews with a

focus on understanding your research, breath/depth in Machine Learning or a

related field.

Why Criteo Research?

Criteo is a leader in online computational advertising with a proven track record of

adding value to online advertisers and e-commerce

companies. The company continues to have strong

year-over-year performance as well as a 90% customer

retention rate for more than 20 quarters now. We are a

performance-based company with a focus on

technology and this is reflected in our data systems and

technical solutions.

Criteo Research is the center of scientific innovation at Criteo and we are fortunate

to work on problems that not only have product impact but are also cutting edge

research in the external research community. Working at Criteo Research will give

our interns an incredible experience of producing scientific research in a fast-paced,

performance-driven, cutting-edge company which is also a market leader.

Criteo is an Equal Opportunity Employer