Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Part Time
  • Responsibilities

    Join the cofounding team of professionals for a revolutionary business.

    1-2 man months of your time is all that's needed to launch V1. You are the last piece of the puzzle. Here's the deal/status:


    • Architect - on board
    • 1-2 Full Stack Developers - in process
    • UI Developer - in process
    • Product Manager - on board
    • Sales & Marketer - on board


    • Business Model - vetted
    • Market - nascent and open
    • Design / Architecture - complete

    Join a team of professional with more than 50 years combined experienced who have launched multiple businesses and software applications. We estimate 1-2 man months of your time to launch the product.

    Employment Type: co-founder, equity grant, part-time or full time / as fast as you can go

    This position involves core framework development

    • Position requires a fast learner that is self-motivated
    • The need is on developing and maintaining a J2E application (Java, ReactJS, Angular) against Oracle, SQL Server database on Windows, AIX and Linux operating systems.
    • Future needs include designing and building new future releases of framework.

    Required experience/skills:

    • 1-2+ years' of Java development experience
    • 1-2+ years' of JavaScript development experience. Preferably with Angular and/or React.
    • Relational database experience
    • Ability to work effectively in Agile environment
    • Experience using Atlassian tools, e.g. JIRA, Confluence, etc.