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The short version of our story

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There was a problem. It was waaay too hard for college students and recent grads to find jobs and internships. It was also really tough for employers to find great early-career talent.

Our founders, Liz and JJ, wanted to solve this problem, and so WayUp was born. WayUp’s mission is to connect students and recent grads with awesome opportunities.

To tell it quickly: in July 2014, Liz and JJ quit their jobs at Google and McKinsey. They launched the platform (then called "Campus Job") in September 2014, raised venture capital funding from top investors, built out an amazing team, added users from all over the country, and signed up employers of all sizes to hire amazing talent from the WayUp community. This all led to WayUp becoming the trusted career partner for early career professionals to find and apply to jobs and internships.

We’re now looking for the most talented people to join us at our NYC headquarters as we pave the way for students and recent grads across the nation. Be sure to read more about the WayUp values here before you come in for your interview!

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