Desmond McCall


Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
    July 2014 - May 2018
Work Experience
    Walgreens Pharmacy
    Yard Worker
    May 2014 - December 2014
    Walgreens Pharmacy
    Yard Worker
    • During the final semester of my high school career, I was able to take an internship during my last two class periods. I chose to look into a High School internship position at a Walgreens Pharmacy. The application process consisted of paper work, drug testing, a background check, and finger printing. Once my application process was over, I had to take about a week long computer course going over the basics of being a Pharmacy Technician. • As a Pharmacy Technician, I receive prescription pamphlets from the printer, I then went and found that medicine in the Pharmacy. Once the medication was gathered, I counted the amount of pills, liquid, or even boxes. If the medication consisted of a controlled substance or something that could potentially be abused, I needed to triple count it. Once the numbers were correct, I scanned the pamphlet and the medicine so the computer can tell if the two match. If they do match, a sticker will be printed. I then would put the pamphlet, medication, sticker in a box then onto the conveyer belt for the Pharmacist to check
    Spiece Fieldhouse
    Game Admissions Workers
    May 2014 - December 2014
    Fort Wayne Anodizing
    May 2010 - August 2014
Fun Fact

I was born 2 months early.

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