Cumbum, India
    Northwestern Polytechnic University
    April 2014 - May 2015
    Electrical Engineering
    Andhra University
Work Experience
    Eproinfosystems LLC
    Web Developer
    Eproinfosystems LLC
    Web Developer
    • Title: Study of PLC • Design code for verification of PLC • Analysis of Circuit • Description: Delegation of human control of a machine to technical equipment gives better, results and good productivity. The aim of the project is to design a code which w will be used for the automation of machines in industry. I was working under the instruction of my guide at Bharat Heavy Electricals. Limited. During this project, I was able to learn how to work individually and program the code based on the guidance from my on the instruction given by my Project Guide. I was always selfmotivated to accomplish my tasks • Role: Programmer • Design Decoder at the receiver side • Design Encoder at the transmitter side • Design Demodulator using MATLAB • Design Modulator using MATLAB • Description: Coding in a communication system provides security along with reliable transmission. Convolution coding is a type of coding system that is used in space-and wireless communication systems extensively. The goal of the project is to design 1/N-rate convolution code of different coding rates using MATLAB and comparing its reliability with the theoretical results. I was a team member in a team of four. I've learned to work hard to accomplish my weekly goals set by my team leader. • Role: Programmer • Involvement in End to end documentation • Analysis of Parameters using MATLAB • Design code for comparing spectral densities of RF power amplifier with and without Distortion • Design code for calculation of PA coefficients using MATLAB • Design code for calculation of DPD coefficients using MATLAB • Design Code for Memory Polynomial Model using MATLAB • Description: RF Power amplifiers possess non-linearity at high power levels. The Linearity of the RF power amplifier should be extended in order to drive a transmitter at Highpower levels. Digital predistortion is used to linearize the RF power amplifiers at high power levels. Being a team leader, I've learned to distribute the work evenly among my team members and motivating them to accomplish their weekly tasks. I was involved in end to end documentation. I've learned to work in a team with cooperation. • Role: Programmer and Team Leader • Title : Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers using Predistortion Linearization Method • Use Boot Strap themes for nice Page Layout • Create Session for each user who logged in • Use Server side Management if the end user disable the JavaScript on the web Browser • Use Client Side Management to impose less load on the Application Server • Use encryption algorithm to encrypt the password that user enter during the Registration • Create LogIn and Registration Page • Retrieve the images from SQL Server Database • Convert Image into Bits and storing it in SQL server database • Develop SQL stored procedures for retrieving and saving data in SQL Server database • Description: The Goal of this project is to develop a shopping website. The back end is done using ASP.NET Webforms ,SQL server Database. There is both client side and sever side management. SQL server database was used extensively to reduce the load on the application server . • Title: Shopping Website using ASP.NET webforms
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