Samantha Zarkower

About Me

A senior at Lesley University, I study secondary education and English language and literature. I love reading and I love working with literature.


Boston, MA
Framingham, MA
    Lesley University
    August 2018 - May 2019
    English Literature
    English Literature I - Old English literature (Beowulf), The Bayeux Tapestry, Middle English Literature (Chaucer and Gawain and the Greene Knyght), Early modern English (Shakespeare's Twelfth Night), to Milton's Paradise Lost, and finished with the Rape of the Lock
    World Literature- The Epic of Gilgamesh, Ancient Egyptian Love poetry, The Odyssey, The Ramayana, Chinese poetry and the Ballad of Mulan, 1001 Nights, Mozarabic kharjas and the poetry of Yehuda Halevi, Mio Cid, and Don Quixote , Genesis parts I and II
    CORE I (for education) This included an introduction to lesson planning, learning theory, the history of education, and our first field placements (listed in experience as Chenery Middle School)
    Characteristics of children with special needs. This course covers the fundamentals of UDL as well as the important legal and historical information surrounding the rights of individuals with special needs and Learning disabilities. We familiarized ourselves with various learning differences and disabilities through course work, research, interviews, literature, and the NICHCY fact site. We discussed how we as teachers can be allies and resources to students with learning differences. Instructor: Professor Janet Sauer
    English Composition (Fairy Tales) And English composition class for 1st year students that focuses on fairy tales. We familiarized ourselves with fairy tales and variations of fairy tales from around the globe, their origins , and how they effect American society today.
    The Gods Reborn. A first year seminar in which we followed Ovid's Metamorphoses and compared the text with various visual depictions by notable painters from the renaissance period
    Writing for children's and young adult literature. .
    Adolescent Psychology
    History of the English Language
    Contemporary American Literature
    American Literature
    World Literature II 17th century- present
    Content Area Reading for grades 5-12
    Medieval History and Literature
    English Literature II
    Paradise Lost
    The Divine Comedy
    Learning Environments
    Embracing Diversity in the Classroom
    Native North America
    Plays Of Shakespeare
    young Adult Literature
Work Experience
    The Beebe Jr. High School
    student teacher
    September 2018 - present
    The Beebe Jr. High School
    student teacher
    • Student Teaching
    Temple Shir Tikva
    kindergarten teacher
    Wayland, MA, United States
    September 2018 - present
    URJ Camp Eisner
    Bunk Counselor for K'tanim (7-8 year olds)
    Great Barrington, MA, United States
    June 2016 - present
    Prospect Hill Academy Charter School
    Student teacher
    September 2016 - December 2016
    Chenery Middle School
    Student teacher
    February 2015 - April 2015
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Fun Fact

I pick up languages very quickly

planning fun and interactive lessonsReadingspeak frenchwriting
    The Lesley Maenads (Lesley's new unofficial Rapper team)
    Bay Area Mitzvah Corps 2012
    Shnat Netzer