2024 Agriculture Entry-level Jobs in West Covina, CA

If you’re interested in agriculture entry-level jobs, you’ll be happy to know that the agricultural field is not a difficult one to break into. Unfortunately, the pay can sometimes be low at first, depending on past experience. For basic agricultural workers, such as seasonal workers who come in and help with harvesting and/or planting crops, the average salary can be as low as approximately $19,000 per year. If you are able to progress to higher-up positions, however—something that tends to happen quickly for good workers—you could end up making as much as $71,000 per year or more. That salary is the average for agricultural engineers of 2010, and keep in mind that there are other jobs in agriculture that pay far more. One thing that you should know about entry-level jobs in agriculture, however, is that the field is not growing as rapidly as one might think. In fact, agriculture jobs are expected to grow in availability only around 9% between now and 2020. While any growth is good, especially in this economy, these figures do mean that you’ll want to start looking for job opportunities as soon as possible. Though job availability may be limited, there are many exciting positions that you can consider and apply for. You could do research in the agricultural field, develop new and exciting technology that makes farming easier and more efficient, become a sales representative and/or marketer for agricultural equipment and supplies, or even trade in agricultural commodities. The agricultural field encompasses and overlaps with many other industries, giving you a wealth of career options.

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