2023 Children & Youth Entry-level Jobs in Madera, CA

When you think of entry-level jobs in children and youth related positions, teaching is probably the first thing that comes to mind. While teaching is certainly a common profession for those who enjoy working with young people, it is not the only option available. With that said, however, teachers can do surprisingly well in terms of salary, and most public school teachers receive excellent benefits as well. The average kindergarten or elementary school teacher, for example, will earn around $51,380 per year, while the average high school teacher brings in around $53,230 each year. While teaching can be personally rewarding, there are other jobs in children and youth related fields that are very financially rewarding. Child psychologists, who can work in private practices, open up their own practices, or work in a variety of other settings, bring in an average salary of $68,640 per year. Then, you have clinical child psychologists, school psychologists, and child counselors who typically earn around $72,220 per year. The majority of individuals with these children and youth jobs work in elementary or high schools. However, there are also opportunities to work in private practices, family service organizations, state organizations, and hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These certainly aren’t the only opportunities in children and youth entry-level jobs either. You could become just about anything you want to be from a dance instructor, summer camp counselor, daycare worker, child or teen sports coach, to anything in between. No matter what you do or how much you make, you’ll always have the benefit of knowing you are positively impacting the lives of children.

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