2024 Design Entry-level Jobs in Tahoe, CA

When it comes to design entry-level jobs, you should understand that the term “design” encompasses many different industries. Some people, for example, become industrial designers. Industrial designers come up with and perfect designs for many different objects; they might be responsible for creating anything from hot, new cars to sports equipment or beloved toys for children. Obviously, if you are interested in industrial design jobs, you’ll have many different options in terms of where you work and what you create. Plus, you can make around $58,230 per year on average. For those who have a more specific interest and who know what type of design they would like to do, there are other, more specialized entry-level jobs in design. Those who want to create beautiful clothes of their own or to work with major clothing labels can find positions in fashion design. The average fashion designer makes around $64,530 per year, and there’s always that possibility that your designs could take off and become incredibly popular. Some fashion designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Betsey Johnson, have gone on to become household names thanks to the widespread popularity of their clothing designs. There are many other jobs in design related industries to consider as well. If you like to decorate homes, offices, and other establishments and to help bring out their true style and beauty, you could become an interior designer and make around $46,280 per year. And, of course, in today’s technologically dependent world, there are also graphic designers, artists who create logos and other advertising graphics for businesses, corporations, websites and more. These designers bring home around $43,500 per year. Within this design sector and the others discussed here, there are multiple possibilities and options for work, so you can truly create a career that’s perfect for you.

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