2024 Dietetician Entry-level Jobs in Burbank, CA

More Americans are obese than ever before, and this serious problem has led to an onslaught of entry-level jobs in dietetics. Never before have dietitians and nutritionists been so important or so needed. These skilled professionals work in many different settings, such as hospitals, eating disorder treatment facilities, school systems, and weight loss clinics. Some of them focus on educating people about healthy eating choices, while others actually design meal plans or work one-on-one with individuals who want or need to change their eating habits. Not only does this work have the potential to be richly personally rewarding, but it can also be financially rewarding as well. Many people with jobs in dietetics earn as much as $53,230 per year or more. If dietetic entry-level jobs interest you, you’ll be happy to know that the need for dietitians is expected to grow between now and 2020. In fact, it’s estimated that there will be about a 20% growth in employment of these professionals. Considering that there are already around 58,240 people working in this industry in the United States, that’s a pretty impressive growth rate. If you’re researching where the dietetic jobs are, you should know that the vast majority of industry professionals (about 18,370 of them!) are working in general hospitals. Nursing homes are also major employers of dieticians, as are outpatient care centers, personal and/or home care services, and specialty hospitals. Industry jobs are not limited to the health care sector, however; you could find yourself working at a restaurant, with a food merchant or manufacturer, or even in conjunction with personal trainers or holistic healers. If you’re looking for bountiful opportunities and a fast-growing, dynamic field, dietetics is the industry to be in!

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