2023 Entertainment Entry-level Jobs in West Covina, CA

Many people dream of having entry-level jobs in entertainment. After all, jobs in entertainment are often thought of as glamorous and exciting. Not everyone gets to be a big star in front of the camera, however. Some professionals make the magic happen behind the scenes. Producers and directors, for example, are often in charge of managing theatrical, television, or film productions, as well as live entertainment events. While these individuals might not get all the credit, they are often recognized for their talent and vision. Furthermore, many of these professionals do quite nicely in terms of salary; in fact, the average salary for professional producers and directors is around $68,440 per year. For those who long to be in the spotlight, there are some entertainment entry-level jobs that allow them to do just that. If you’d like to try your skills at acting, for example, you could get involved in paid theatre, films, commercials, and more. The average actor makes around $17.44 per hour, and the number of hours worked will vary. And, of course, if you get your big break, the pay can increase significantly . Musicians and singers is another group that tends to get paid by the hour. The average musician/singer can earn around $22.39 per hour, but again, there are unlimited possibilities for higher pay. No matter which entertainment jobs interest you, it’s impossible to be highly successful or to make a major salary without getting your foot in the door. If you are interested in being a performer or working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, the only way to reach your goals is to follow your dreams.

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