2024 Event Planning Entry-level Jobs in Palm Springs, CA

If you’ve got great organizational and leadership skills and love planning events down to the smallest details, entry-level jobs in event planning might just be the perfect match for you! Some people who pursue jobs in event planning are interested in planning professional or corporate events. These are the individuals who organize those big, important meetings at work and/or who put together professional conventions and other work-related events. As of 2010, these professionals were making around $45,260 per year, and professional opportunities within the field were expected to grow an impressive 44% between then and the year 2020! As you can see, corporate event planning is a major industry right now—one with many wonderful opportunities—and, fortunately for those interested in the field, that isn’t expected to change for quite some time. If planning corporate events doesn’t appeal to you, you can always consider event planning entry level jobs that are a little more fun in nature. If you’re a romantic at heart, for example, you could become a wedding planner and help couples to make the most of their big day. Obviously, salaries vary widely from one wedding planner to the next, but most individuals with event planning jobs earn anywhere from $11,920 to $90,000 or so per year. Many wedding planners will branch out their services to include party planning and more. And, of course, some people are just plain party planners; some even specialize in special types of parties, such as sweet sixteen birthday parties or bar or bat mitzvahs. Others will plan special holiday celebrations, baby showers, and more. You can easily take whatever events interest you and whatever type of planning you enjoy and turn it into a lucrative and exciting career!

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