2024 History Entry-level Jobs in Tahoe, CA

If you’d like to take your love of history and turn it into a lucrative and exciting career, then an entry-level job in history might be for you. While a lot of people think history degrees do not prepare students for particular careers, that’s actually not the case whatsoever. Did you know, for example, that, as of 2010, there were about 4000 historians working in the United States? And, what’s more is that employment opportunities for historians are expected to increase by about 18% by the year 2020, meaning things are definitely looking up for those with an interest in this profession. Where do historians work? Well, jobs in history and, more specifically, jobs for historians, vary widely. About 57% of historians in the United States work in government positions. They might manage history departments at public colleges or universities, perform governmental research to learn more about the past, or have many other responsibilities. There are also historians who work in museums, educating the public about our nation’s past and the past of other nations. Some manage and run historical societies, while others perform historical research or appraise collectibles from the past. The possibilities are truly limitless. While pay will vary from one position to the next, the average historian will make around $53,520 per year. And, of course, being a historian isn’t the only history entry-level job. If you want to pass on your love of history to others, you could become a history teacher at the middle school, high school, or elementary school level. College teaching is the way to go if you want a nice salary for teaching, with the average professor earning $62,050 per year. Really though, if you truly love the study of history, it won’t matter how much you make or which history job you choose. No matter what you choose, you’ll still end up doing something you love and care about, which is most important.

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