2024 Insurance Entry-level Jobs in Redding, CA

When you think of entry-level jobs in insurance, chances are that you think of insurance sales professionals. Though insurance sales professionals make up a large chunk of employees in the insurance industry, these certainly aren’t the only positions available. There are other types of jobs in insurance for you to consider as well. You could, for example, become an actuary for an insurance firm or company. Actuaries usually have mathematical and/or finance related educations and use their knowledge to analyze the risk involved with insuring a person, object, or commercial organization. Their calculations are used to determine individual insurance rates and general or approximate rates. Underwriters perform a similar function to actuaries, though they are focused on determining whether or not a specific person can be insured by the company or firm, rather than what a person’s exact insurance rate will be. Both of these insurance entry-level jobs, however, carry the potential for pay raises and advancement, particularly if you can stay with one company for an extended amount of time. Money management positions are also very common insurance jobs for recent college graduates, as are stock and/or securities research positions. Money management professionals help others to make smart decisions about how to spend, save, and invest finances, while stock and/or securities researchers keep an eye on the market and determine how certain investments are faring at a given time. Researchers use the information they find to help organizations and/or individuals make wise choices regarding investments. These are just a few of the many positions available, however, so if none of these sound right for you, keep searching! There are lots of wonderful opportunities in this exciting industry.

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