2024 MBA Entry-level Jobs in Louisville, KY

So, you’ve graduated and now you’re looking for entry-level jobs in MBA, or more aptly, for jobs that are a perfect fit for those with this much sought-after degree. Fortunately there are many jobs in MBA related fields for which you can apply, and many of these jobs are at top companies. CNN recently released a list of some of the top employers of MBA graduates and that list is quite impressive. It includes, amongst other companies, Google, Apple, Boston Consulting Group, Amazon.com, Facebook, Nike, JP Morgan, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, and many others that are equally prestigious. For an MBA entry-level job, you need to, of course, have an MBA under your belt. Additionally, however, there are certain other things that employers tend to look for. They want, first and foremost, a candidate with more than just a degree—a candidate who has other useful and interesting credits, such as having studied abroad, designing a new business model that won awards in college, or even starting a venture of your own. Using your MBA can lead to a variety of positions ranging from sales, marketing, finance, and operations. However, with this advanced degree, most individuals have a specific path in mind. Take a look at the opportunities below to get started!

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