2023 Media Entry-level Jobs in Modesto, CA

When you think of entry-level jobs in media, you probably picture newscasters and other professionals who are highly visible in the public eye. In truth, though, media jobs are really any jobs that ask you to pass on information to the general public or to a certain sub-set of the general public. So, writing for a newspaper, writing for an online website, writing for a magazine, being involved in television programming in any way, interviewing entertainers, reporting on the weather, and more are all examples of jobs in media. Many people think of these jobs as elusive and difficult to get but, in fact, there are actually many more positions available within the field than the average person thinks. Some of the most common industries or workplaces for those with media entry-level jobs include motion picture and/or video studios, college or university radio or television broadcast stations, general radio and television broadcasting stations, advertising and public relations firms, and even governmental positions. The largest number of media professionals—6,670—work in motion picture and/or video studios, followed by the 1,900 people working in college or university radio or television broadcast stations. Governmental employees make up your smallest group of media professionals, with only around 760 people employed in this very specific industry. Across the board, however, these professionals tend to do quite nicely. The average salary ranges from $45,280 (for those in local government related media positions) to a cozy $65,210 for those employed by motion picture and/or video studios. No matter what salary you earn however, media positions are very coveted and provide for an exciting, interesting career, one that keeps you constantly up-to-date and in-the-know.

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