2024 Remote Office and Administration Entry-level Jobs

If you are organized, a good communicator, and don’t mind spending your days behind a desk, then you might be just the right person for an entry-level job in office and administration positions. Many different positions encompass this vast field, and the earning potential varies widely from one job to the next. Desktop publishers, for example, have some of the highest paid office and administration jobs. These professionals are responsible for gathering items—such as text or images—and formatting them into a publishable layout. You might find desktop publishers working with newspapers or other print publications or with online publications; the latter option is becoming more and more common. Other jobs in office and administration are more commonly available such as an administrative assistant. Often called “secretaries,” these professionals are essentially responsible for running and managing an office. They might file papers, answer phones, take messages, and perform other important duties. They can perform these duties in a wide range of settings and atmospheres too, making their positions quite versatile. If you’re a good record-keeper, then an office and administration entry-level job that might be a good fit for you is bookkeeping. As a bookkeeper, you will be responsible for maintaining the records of a particular organization. This might include financial records, and many bookkeepers will have accounting and/or auditing duties. Individuals in this profession earn an average salary of $34,030 per year. It’s also important to note that, no matter where you start, most of the positions within this industry provide ample opportunities for moving-up to better-paying and more prestigious positions.

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