2024 Publishing Entry-level Jobs in Fairfield, CA

In recent years, there has been some concern that entry-level jobs in publishing will cease to exist. After all, with more and more content being delivered online or “virtually,” books, magazines, newspapers, and other print publications are all suffering. Fortunately, however, it is still possible to find publishing jobs, though they might look a little different from the jobs in publishing of the past. Nowadays, you might be formatting content for publication on a website instead of in a book or journal. However, jobs in traditional, print publication are still prevalent; they are just fewer and further between. Even if you’re still planning to make your living in the traditional publishing world, chances are that, with any publishing entry-level job, you’ll need a firm understanding of modern technology. Take desktop publishers for example. These are the people who format and produce the layout for different publications. While layouts used to be drawn by hand, they are now created on computers using high-tech software systems. Fortunately, most of these systems are user-friendly, but it’s still a good idea to get familiar with as many different commonly used desktop publishing programs as possible if you plan to go into desktop publishing. You’ll be rewarded for your knowledge with a cozy average salary of around $36,610 per year or $17.60 per hour! If fiddling with layouts isn’t your thing but leadership skills are, consider being the editor of a publication, either a virtual or traditional one. As an editor, you’ll oversee an entire publication, and you can make $51,470 per year. There are many other positions available within the publishing industry as well, so if neither of these options are for you, keep researching until you find the one that is.

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