2024 Sports Marketing Entry-level Jobs in Merced, CA

Working closely with your favorite sports team or at least with those affiliated with your favorite sports team might seem like an impossible dream, but, with entry-level jobs in sports marketing, you could do just that! While there are many different jobs in sports marketing, a large chunk of them will have you working directly with major sports teams. It might be your job to come up with promotions and events that get people interested in a particular team or to develop team-related merchandise for fans. Some professionals even schedule team appearances, fan meet-and-greet events, and have other responsibilities that get them up close and personal with world famous sports teams and players. Of course, not all sports marketing entry-level jobs are as glamorous. Some sports marketers are responsible for organizing local or corporate sports teams, for finding sponsors for those teams, or for running and promoting a local for-profit sporting league. Even if you’re not working with professional athletes, however, the opportunity to get paid just for being involved with something you love is a pretty good one! Sports marketing jobs really run the gamut—no matter what your location, your interests, or your skills, chances are that you can find a job that’s a good match for you. Maybe you want to sell and market sporting equipment to athletes and/or teams, or maybe you’re interested in being the public relations person for a well-known athlete. There are many other opportunities widely available within the industry, so get to work and find your dream job today.

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