2024 Travel Entry-level Jobs in Mendocino, CA

If staying in one place isn’t your style or if you’d like to help others to plan their dream vacations, then entry-level jobs in travel industries might just provide the adventure and opportunity you’ve been seeking. Jobs in travel industries are wide and varied, but a large chunk of professionals working in the industry are employed as travel agents. In fact, there are 82,800 travel agents nationwide! These professionals are responsible for helping individuals, groups, and families to plan their vacations. They take care of anything and everything from finding and booking affordable flights to arranging vacation activities and finding special deals and packages for travelers. While this particular job might not give you the opportunity to travel a lot yourself, it will give you an average salary of around $31,870 per year. Travel entry-level jobs also encompass in-the-air travel. If you can secure the training and expertise it takes to become an airline pilot or a flight engineer, you can expect to make a whopping $141,090 per year on average! Of course, the constant on-the-go lifestyle isn’t for everyone, though many pilots find it exciting. You can enjoy a lot more on-the-ground time and still make a nice salary by choosing to become an air traffic controller; these professionals earn around $117,240 per year on average. If the thought of constant travel doesn’t bother you but the thought of years of schooling does, why not consider a travel job as a flight attendant? See to the needs of flight patrons and perform basic safety demonstrations at the start and end of each flight, and you could earn an average yearly salary of $53,780. As an added bonus, this job and many others in the travel industry give you the opportunity to see the world.

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