2024 Ambassador Internships in Oakland, CA

Do you love the sense of responsibility that comes with being a representative of a school, a brand, a movement or a public figure? Being an ambassador in any context means that your every action, and perhaps your very presence, is representative of the idea you’ve chosen to work for and promote. To be a great ambassador in any capacity is certainly no simple or easy task, and the requirements and expectations will indeed change according to your field of interest. But the fact that you’re already here, searching for ambassador internships, is a great indication that you have what it takes to be the face of something bigger than yourself. We say find something that interests you and go for it- there are countless opportunities to gain experience as an ambassador just waiting for you. While gaining internship experience in any instance as an ambassador will be helpful to your career path, take a moment to consider what you would want to spend your time representing and promoting. What are some things you want to change in the world, and who do you think is accomplishing these goals? You can be the one representing them, or you can at least give yourself the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to be a representative in the field that interests you. Don’t be shy- not many ambassadors usually are. Check out our list below and start thinking of where you want to spend your time growing as an ambassador today!

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