2024 Biotech Internships in Antioch, CA

A biotech student is often one of the last stragglers to leave campus, having spent the night in the lab producing a strain of engineered E. coli bacteria that converts switchgrass into jet fuel. If the development of practical solutions through the biological sciences rocks your world, then a biotech internship is your ticket to a promising career in the field. Internships in biotech provide opportunities in research and development, manufacturing and production, quality control and assurance, sales and marketing, technical support, and regulations and documentation. The full spectrum of lab experience trains the biotech intern to develop keen analytical and presentation skills. You’ll not only support new product development, but you’ll also gain the expertise to work around budgetary and time constraints with improved processes and lab techniques. There’s an incredible variety of real-world applications for bioengineered solutions. These applications reward interns in biotech with the knowledge that their work may literally be changing the world. Biotech companies in the pharmaceutical sector, for example, produce medicine to help with AIDS, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Other companies create solutions for agricultural and food science, genetic testing, industry, forensics, mining, and environmental cleanup. Wherever your passions lie, you’ll find a biotech internship that will lead you there.

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